Corporate wellness and vacations, these favorite employee destinations are perfect for summer relaxation

More and more workers are choosing corporate benefits and vacations for their stay: these destinations are favorites to switch off and enjoy a relaxing and fun vacation

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The Summer Holidays have now begun and the desire to switch off after a particularly demanding year at work is really high. The need to relax and escape stress everyday life have led travelers to plan their stay in advance based on personal tastes and needs.

Many workers have decided to take advantage of its benefits corporate welfare and holidays to enjoy the benefits for yours travel. Here are the favorite destinations among the recommended packages, as rated top 10 Of Very funny.

Corporate well-being and holidays, here are the favorite destinations for workers in the summer of 2023

To unplug you need a living room that can meet personal taste, a highly subjective requirement when it comes to Relax. There are those who prefer to visit a new city or those who like to get lost in white streets Italian beaches or even those who choose the mountains or the countryside to escape from everyday life.

Among the packages included in its benefits corporate welfare, the variety of choice is really different and good 65,000 workers throughout the area Italy they preferred to choose this option. Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece and also European metropolises, for advantageous offers and unique stays.

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From the beauties of Greece to the metropolises of Europe for holidays of culture and fun

His top 10 fun, crowns them 10 favorite destinations for holidays with company welfare benefits. At number 10 the beautiful Thera and its volcanic beaches are recommended for a day of relaxation, with white and blue villages and sunsets dipping into the sea. In ninth place the beauties of Campania with Ischia, one of the most popular islands in Italy with a wide cultural and scenic offer.

In eighth place Lisbon, known for its colors, the tram line that crosses the whole city and the well-known typical food, ideal even for a weekend. In seventh place the wild Elba Island and its enchanting beaches while it is in sixth place Naples, among the favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world for food and wine, scenery, culture, art and tradition.

Paris, France
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Italy and the capitals are not missing from the podium of favorite destinations for workers

In fifth place in the ranking of Very funny image London, perfect year-round destination and offers great activities and entertainment even during itsummer. Between typical food, attractions, parks, entertainment, rooftops and more, it is the perfect vacation city for every age group. I’m referring to European capitalsdefinitely one of the most popular Barcelona, of the most complete cities: food, sea, entertainment, art, culture and always a mild climate to welcome workers after a long working time.

Instead, he figures on the lowest step of the podium Riccione, well known to Italian and foreign tourists for its wonderful beaches, aperitifs and great entertainment, which makes everyone agree. On number two Rome, eternal city and among the symbols of Italy, with the magic along the Tiber, the monuments and the typical food. At number one it could only be her, Paris, romantic and ideal for a stay as a couple but also with friends or family, besieged all year round for its eternal beauty.

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