Cottage millionaire and disco brawler. Walk overcame his father’s death and took the MMA world by storm

The greatest success in Czech MMA, mixed martial arts, was won by fighter Jiří Procházka (30), who on June 12, 2022 defeated Glover Teixeira of Brazil in the light heavyweight title match of the prestigious UFC organization and won the championship belt. Walk has a record of 29 wins, one draw and three losses in the octagon, the last time he failed was in December 2015.

The native of Hostěradice in the Znojmo region initially devoted himself to Thai boxing, but later switched to mixed martial arts (MMA). Procházka made his UFC debut in July 2020 when he defeated slightly favored Swiss Volkan Oezdemir in Abu Dhabi at light heavyweight, knocking him out 49 seconds into the second round. In May 2021, at the end of the second round, he knocked out Dominick Reyes of the United States with a spinning elbow and then moved up to No. 2 in his UFC weight class rankings.

In the light heavyweight title match, he defeated Teixeira of Brazil to win the championship belt. He ended the duel full of hard exchanges in the final 5th round with a so-called submission, when the opponent “knocked out” the match by suffocating him 28 seconds before the end. Procházek collected a total of over $500,000 (nearly 11 million crowns) for his victory.

Nevertheless, he does not live in great luxury, years ago he was enchanted by a stone house in Brno-Bystrec, and he lives there in the middle of the forest.

Procházka was supposed to defend the league title last December when he was due to face Teixeira again in the match. However, due to a serious shoulder injury suffered by Procházka while training in Las Vegas, the Czech fighter called off the match and relinquished the championship belt. But as soon as he regains his health, Procházka is ready to fight for the title. He underwent surgery in December and then began rehabilitation. According to his words, he should be ready to fight for the belt again in September at the latest.

Originally from Hostěradice in Znojmo region, his nickname is Denisa, and now he uses the abbreviation BJP in his name. “I want to sit down and explain it well. I have to say the direct name well, which are bombs like pi… Above all, it is important to grasp the idea well, to go into it with everything, to the maximum. Struggle, physical strength, involvement of all possible resources available and capabilities of the body to achieve the best result. That’s what it’s all about, “he described the essence of the acronym BJP, under which he also runs a sports clothing and equipment store.He trains at Jetsaam Gym Brno under the guidance of coaches Martin Karaivanov and Jaroslav Hovězák.

His new nickname BJP caused a stir in India, where the acronym is used by the Indian People’s Party, ie the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Procházka is also a former Japanese Rizin Fighting Federation light heavyweight champion and a former Czech Republic champion in Thai boxing. His other achievements include winning the GCF title in 2013.

Behind his golden winner’s belt hides a tough story. After all, he lost his father when he was just six years old, when the man who gave him the name Jiří had a heart attack. He grew up without a male role model, maybe that’s why he was involved in street fights and football hooligan fights, and years ago he was even tested for assault.

When he started wrestling in Rizin, Japan, in his own words, he became very interested in samurai ideology, he was influenced by the samurai code of Bushido or the medieval book of the five rings of Miyamoto Musashi.

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