Courts reject 23% of FK decisions on compensation for activities

SVT Nyheter Öst has long been studying support for young adults with disabilities who cannot work full time.

The review showed, among other things, that the Swedish Social Insurance Agency suddenly made a more severe assessment without any change in laws or case law. The consequences were that people aged 19 to 29 were completely without compensation, even if they have a disability.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has duties

Today, SVT Nyheter Öst has undergone nearly a thousand judgments to produce completely new statistics. It shows that the courts teach the Swedish Social Insurance Agency a lesson in terms of activity compensation in up to 23% of cases.

– 23% are surprised! In many other types of cases, we hardly ever change because the decisions of the authority are often correct, explains Mats Edsgården, Chief Advisor of Linköping.

What does it depend on? Click on the video above.

“The assessment must be based on reality”

2019 is coming indicative judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court, which ruled on how the working capacity of people with disabilities should be assessed: The key is that an employer is willing to pay for the contribution.

– This verdict is so clear. And he also says that the assessment must be based on reality. But I have had several instances where people who have daily activities lose their activity compensation, even though daily activities are an occupation, not a job, says lawyer Erik Ward.

In the video above, he talks about some of his races.

Försäkringskassan does not wish to organize an interview with SVT but answers our questions in writing in an e-mail:

“Försäkringskassan is currently carrying out an in-depth review of our overall health insurance benefit management, and this includes both activity and sickness benefits. We know our investigations need to be better and we also know that we need to get better to motivate our decisions. “

“The selection also includes examining how we work with guiding judgments so that they impact our enforcement and how we can better support our administrators in their work,” writes the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. at SVT.

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