Cross-country skiing – Maja Dahlqvist counts on the help of her new love, Kevin Bolger – Fondo Italia

During the last season, on the occasion of the World Championships in Oberstdorf, the Swedish cross-country skier Maja Dahlqvist and the American colleague Kevin Bolger they had openly shown their love by kissing in the middle of the stadium. A gesture which in times of “bubbles” due to the pandemic also sparked discussion. “I didn’t remember the rules for the pandemic then” Dahlqvist joked in an interview with SVT.

The Swede said how much the advice of Bolger have been very useful to you last season: “It was already very important on the occasion of my first World Cup victory in Ulricehamn, just before the World Cup. Before the final we had studied the tactics and he gave me some advice. I followed them and it went as he planned, so I won. He loves tactics and technology. He films and gives me good training advice “.

Since I lived this relationship with Bolger, Dahlqvist also gave greater importance to bodybuilding: “I’ve never seen a more attentive person in the gym than him. It infected me. Now I go and find that training at the gym is as important as interval training. I’ve always worked very carefully in the gym, but that’s nothing compared to him and what I’m doing now “.

The couple spent a lot of time together during the summer, also because last winter they had to try as much as possible to separate because of the bubbles. What will happen this year? “He’ll be returning to Europe with the US team in November, when the competitive season kicks off, and he won’t be home until April.” Then he can come with me to Falun during the breaks. Therefore, we hope we can be in the same bubble in different competitions “.


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