Czech Republic. There is an answer to the allegations about the forgery of Milosz Zeman’s signature. Image shown | world news

Presidential Chancellor Vratislav Mynarz – who presented the recording – emphasized that he was doing it to defend the president’s honor and rights. He denied the suspicions of forgery and manipulation of signatures that had surfaced in recent days.

Response to allegations of forgery of Milosz Zeman’s signature. Recording is displayed

The 25-second video shows Milosz Zeman signing the document in a hospital bed in the presence of, among others, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Radek Vondraczek. The president says he is calling a meeting of the new chamber for the earliest possible date. Then he adds in German that whoever wins time wins everything. The recording ends when Zeman closes his eyes and puts his head back on the pillow.

Journalists and some politicians indicated that none of the four people seen in the video with the president in intensive care, in violation of the sanitary rules in force, are not wearing a mask.

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The leader of the SPOLU coalition and the candidate for Prime Minister Petr Fiala stressed that the information published today does not change anything in the context of the activation of Article 66 of the constitution. This means that if the president’s health does not improve by early November, both houses of the Czech parliament will vote on transferring powers from the head of state to the prime minister, the president of the Chamber of Deputies and the president of the Senate.

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