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Czech women’s hockey players defended their bronze medal at the World Championships. In the match for third place in the championship in Brampton, Canada, they beat the Swiss, as they did last year in Denmark, against whom they won 3:2 today. Denisa Křížová scored two goals and she also got an assist. After two saves, Aneta Tejralová and Tereza Vanišová scored.

The wards of Canadian coach Carly MacLeodová, who led the Czech team to a historic medal at the end of August and September, were the first to cash in today when Lara Stalderová came out on top. However, the Czechs turned things around before the first break thanks to Křížová and Michaela Pejzlova. Lena Marie Lutzová equalized in the second half, but Křížová decided in the 38th minute.

“It’s really great for our team. But it’s just as good for all the girls back home when they see that we’re in the top three in the world and last year it wasn’t just a coincidence. The world has to get used to it, that we are at the top,” Pejzlová told the official website of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

The Czechs, who won the first mutual duel of the tournament 5:2 in the grassroots group, started with great enthusiasm and in the first seconds Křížová had a great chance, but goalkeeper Brändliová managed to react to finishing her point-blank with concrete. The national team continued their assault and forced a series of three power plays in quick succession, Hymlárová finished with the better chance in an open goal, but the situation did not change.

The Swiss, on the other hand, needed the first numerical advantage to take the lead. On their second shot on goal, the biggest star and captain Stalderová scored after a backhand.

But the Czechs only lost half a minute: Vanišová landed a great hook, easily moved the puck directly onto Křížová’s stick, and she didn’t hesitate. The overwhelming shot advantage in the first half (18:3) was underlined by Pejzlová with a precise shot at the near post.

The odds went down in the second half. After the hesitation of Škodová, who stopped the puck behind Pejšová’s goal, but then, returning between the sticks, she did not have time to orient herself and was caught by Lutzová, the score was 2:2. The Czechs did not take advantage of the numerical advantage, on the other hand, in the 34th minute, Müller escaped alone and finished with a backhand in the goal structure. Immediately on the other side, Tejralová failed, Křížová missed a huge chance and Mills didn’t finish Lásková’s fine play, but Křížová prevailed with a shot exhibited from the circle.

At the end of the third period, Müller did not take advantage of a promising opportunity to equalise. Midway through the 49th minute, the Czechs had to go three for 96 seconds, but with great dedication they defended the narrow lead. Shortly after the weakening ended, Lásková struggled to get up from the ice after a violent collision with Zimmermann. A minute and a half before the end, the Swiss started to play without a goalkeeper, but the Czech team, led by the attentive Škodová, resisted and were able to start celebrating another medal of the big event.

“We played the third period unbelievably. There were a lot of dismissals on our side, but we have players in the team who can block anything anywhere. And we also have a goalkeeper goal we can count on at all times. It was a great team performance,” said Křížová praising the performance of the Czech team.

Double Olympic champion MacLeod managed to move the Czechs to the medals. “It’s exciting, rewarding and encouraging. All possible words belong here, but not thanks to me and for me. These words belong to the girls. It’s like that when you’re a coach. It’s not what you know and know and how you feel, it’s all about them. And today was a big step for us to realize that we are seriously among the best and that we can aim for the highest goals,” MacLeod said.

“Congratulations to the hockey players for their bronze medal at the World Cup. Defending third place is a confirmation of the position of the best European team, and I consider it a great achievement,” said the head of the national hockey, Alois Hadamczik, via social media shortly after the final siren.

Women’s Ice Hockey World Championship in Brampton, Canada – for 3rd place:
Czech Republic – Switzerland 3:2 (2:1, 1:1, 0:0)
Goals and assists: 12. Křížová (Vanišová, Tejralová), 15. Pejzlová (Vanišová, Křížová), 38. Křížová (Tejralová, Jandušíková) – 12. Stalderová (Quennecová, Müllerová), 29. Lutzová. Referee: Hiller, Rapin – Cameron (all USA), Chartrand (Can.). Excluding: 6:8. Usage: 0:1. Viewers: 2,162.
Composition of the Czech Republic: Škodová – Lásková, Pejšová, Čajanová, Tejralová, Trnková, Jandušíková – Mlýnková, Mrázová, Šapovalivová – Vanišová, Pejzlová, Křížová – Neubauerová, Přibylová, Hymlárová – Pátková,ę Mills, Piš. Coach: Carla MacLeod.

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