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Once upon a timeThis is usually the beginning of the stories told by the little ones, who today grow up in a world where the Internet allows direct access to all kinds of information with a simple click on their smartphone. What do they know, one might ask, about his anxious anticipation TG of 20 on television, which was the pivotal moment when the news of the day was learned.

The TV, although obvious, remains a tool that exists in every home, but has been replaced by large telematics network, which offers the opportunity to find news in real time, to have fun with friends in endless online challenges, to have fun in Escortmaps.com rather than dealing with all administrative and bureaucratic procedures.

The search for quality content on the Web is increasing

Internet, is a well-established fact, it has literally taken over the cathode ray tube, making it – through the most used devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets – the preferred medium for the younger ones but also for those with a little more gray hair. And if once upon a time one became famous “Going” to television, where it was certainly not easy to appear, today any of us, more or less gifted with talent, can make a small mark on the internet.

Not always, to be fair, the popularity gained on the network is rhyming with words like “quality“THE “adequacy”, even though in recent years there seems to have been a significant change of course in relation to the ignorance raging prevailing on the internet for a given period. Definitely, at mare magnum of the network you can find anything. The focus on quality content, however, seems to be greater than in the past.

Over the years, thedevelopment (or evolution, depending on the point of view) of the network has led to the reputation of very different forms, daughters, in a way, of how it has changed over time. It’s unquestionably, in fact, like the first decade of the new millennium, the one in which the Internet has managed to become one of all aspects. “mass tool“, Has been characterized by the phenomenon of bloggers.

In a world of information that was then considered “flattened, where is the politically correct and a certain servitude to the ruling class seemed predominant in the eyes of the man on the street, the ability to hear different views and far from those of most media, it has been well received by internet users.

The examples of those who have succeeded through the telematics network

At that time, moreover, the network allowed to be able break the mold television entertainment, repetitive and highly concentrated only on specific types of programs. The combination of these two factors allowed 00 dominated by an innovative figure and was considered, at that time, fresh and healthy: i blogger.

They have many issues succeeded following this path, they become real celebrities and significantly expand the balance of their bank account. In our country, two examples, more than others, can be cited to support this dissertation: Salvatore Aranzulla and Chiara Ferragni, born as bloggers and have become authentic icons of their respective fields of reference.

The Ferragni, in this sense, fully represents how much the Web can transform a girl with a dream, that of being able to talk about her passion (fashion), into a highly paid profession, for which big brands from all over the world are fighting and capable of becoming a star across national bordersI.

The second decade of the new millennium, on the other hand, marked the birth of their form Social influence, which have become famous thanks to the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and in general all the most used social networks. Within this category, however, significant distinctions need to be made, as the issues covered by social influencers are completely different from each other.

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