DEEJAY On Stage Riccione, in mid-August two days of performances and live music

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RICCIONE (RN) – A very hot mid-August is announced under the Riccione sun and on its stage DEEJAY on stage. For the party that celebrates summer Radio DEEJAY prepared a two-day show, music and, as always, a lot of fun that will make the whole square sing and dance, with the little stars of the talent show, special guests and the dream team of the radio, something more than tested and much-loved group consisting of Gianluca Gazzoli, Andrew & Michael and captain from Rudy Zerby.

Here is the schedule.

His evening Monday August 14 will turn the piazzale Roma into a single large dance floor thanks to his participation Clarain his dj-set Zeff & Marz this is in DJ Duappo.

Clara Succini played the role of Crazy J in the its third season Sea Outthe cult series where among the protagonists there is also Matthew Paulillo, invited to DEEJAY On Stage on Friday night, with a completely sold out piazzale Roma. Although he had already released some unreleased songs, his song Origami at dawnone of the tracks on the Rai2 fantasy soundtrack, reached impressive numbers in just a few weeks and reached the fourth position of the most listened songs in Italy.

They will take the stage with her Zeff & Marzthe two producers of many rap and pop hits in recent years, now out with their first single, Grow oldAnd DJ Duappowhich at only twenty years old is already catching the attention of the console world.

For his evening Tuesday 15th of August Instead, the second special event is scheduled after Diodato’s excellent live and will appear Francesco Gabbani, to dominate the stage in a one man show version. The Tuscan singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will be divided between the ever-present guitar and the piano, repeating his super hits, to celebrate August 15 with the infectious energy that distinguishes him together with the public of Riccione. And to properly celebrate the wonderful summer party there will obviously be the fireworksa fireworks display that doesn’t get lost between the sky and the sea.

It’s mid-August but we’re still training. On Monday, August 14 Play DEEJAY he starts his classes regularly at 6.30 with yoga class and continues until 7pm with cardio training, going through running, group cycling, pilates, functional training….

Very short stop on August 15th and we start again immediately Wednesday 16th to get to August 24th.

To date, every class on the calendar has sold out with over 170 people signed up for each session.

It also continues competitions of DEEJAY On Stage, 5 newcomers play every evening to win the final on August 24th and a coveted first prize: a month of their own unreleased song in rotation on the Radio DEEJAY frequencies.

Meeting in Piazzale Roma at 21.15. Entry, as always, is free until seats are sold out.

The project, organization and implementation of Deejay On Stage is curated by San Marino Performance with the artistic direction of Radio Deejay in the figure of Linus and with the patronage, contribution and support of the Tourism Department of the Municipality of Riccione.


July 29 – August 24

In Riccione, mid-August lasts longer with DEEJAY ON STAGE:

on the 14th and 15th two nights of shows, music and entertainment with the stars of Radio DEEJAY.

Guests on the big stage in piazzale Roma

Clara, Dj Duappo, Zef & Marz.

Tuesday August 15 special event with Francesco Gabbani

and the fireworks over the sea.

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