Division 1 premieres: the neck is put at full speed

Tova Almqvist, Nacka HK. Photo (archives): Joakim Lindgren

The Division 1 series had its premiere and a total of 23 matches were played last weekend. An equal number of winners were crowned in the first round, where the ladies of Nacka HK and the men of IF Kristianstad counted with the largest margin of victory.

Nacka can balance the team in close cooperation with Skuru IK and has, for example, Tova Almqvist – recently signed at elite level as an asset against Härnösands HK. The away team had to put aside their scoring ambitions early on, as Almqvist missed eleven complete hits and 37-13 on the scoreboard.

The women’s southern series offered a close fight, HK S-hof tamed relegated Eslövs IK after seven-goal scorer Tindra Möller Holmén scored the decisive goal to make it 20-19 already five minutes from time. Two points is still two points, even if it’s a little different in terms of goal difference compared to HK Drott, eliminated 39-20 by IK Baltichov.

History, the odd goal of S-hof in front of an Eslövslag was repeated in the men’s series with Alexander Hambalek as the match winner in the last minute against Eslövs HF. IF Kristianstad found themselves up and down in the big clash against HK Country (34-21), the left six Albin Leyman, who scored two previous seasons in the Handball League, was hit by seven goals to two divisions.

The start of the Herr 1 norra was marked by some real goal celebrations, when Hallstahammars SK worked in vain against Rimbo HK (13 goals from Endrit Abdullahi) until 34-37. Uppsala HK corrected 25-29 against HK Silwing-Troja to 30-29 in four brilliant minutes. This provided the impetus for a successful final sprint, Silwing-Troja made expulsions and bogged down penalties so that the riot resulted in a home victory, 36-33. IFK Tumba are in first place in the series match with 21 rounds remaining to turn things around.

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