“Do you still play hockey?” Czech giant confuses his hobby and star Kučerov stabbed him

Defenseman Andrej Šustr is currently probably the only hockey player you can mistake for a reporter in the bowels of NHL stadiums overseas.

Frigid Alaska, cornfield Nebraska, hot Florida, California and China over the past three years… Šustr has played hockey in so many different places that he couldn’t surprise anyone with another engagement.

Yet he did. He returned to Florida, more specifically to Tampa, where he spent the best years of his career, but also the decline that prompted him to leave.

Who would have expected Šustr to be back after three years. Of course, he didn’t come out as a star, but the fact that he managed to win back the NHL in 30 years deserves admiration.

When the Czech long jump jumped into the preseason, it seemed faster to train Jon Cooper than before. In the end, Šustr had to make it to the farm, but before he could look around he ran to the main team, where he immediately played the game. Zach Bogosian has fallen injured and will be out for at least a month, and hopeful Cal Foote is still healing his crippled finger.

Šustr placed himself next to the more attacking Mikhail Sergachev. Probably not for the last time. In Tampa, he puts out hockey fires whenever Cooper wants.

At the same time, Šustr could act as a team photographer. He wore his digital Leica around his neck exceptionally often during camp. You would slowly confuse him with a journalist or an artist.

Of course, the hobby of the Czech bek did not escape the hut. “Do you still play hockey?” At one point, Šustra stabbed star Nikita Kučerov. “I thought you were a full time photographer.

Here’s how Šustr immortalized Kučerov and Steven Stamkos:

“I would say the boys like what I do,” Šustr said. He has known someone in the locker room from his previous visit to Tampa, which helps him. The others are open to him, natural… “No photographer has such an approach to our locker room. It’s great to use it,” added the 30-year-old Czech.

He was caught photographing in China. He first played with his teammate’s camera, then ran to the store for his. “I fell in love with it completely,” admitted ustr. He then took pictures from the position of the Czech representative of the world championships in Latvia. Eventually he stopped because he didn’t want to distract others too much, but he still entered Esquire magazine with his photo report.

He prefers black and white images. “They go deeper, I like that. You can see the world from a different perspective that way,” he said.

He publishes his work at social networks. It seems he keeps taking pictures. This allows him to escape from hockey, it brings the necessary balance to his sporting life. In the near future, in addition to the digital camera, he would also like to try out the film camera. To be able to take pictures.

But during the hectic season, the digital Leica will come in handy. Tampa is aiming for the third Stanley Cup in a row and Šustr should show Kučerov he’s still a hockey player. Well.

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