do you want maximum entertainment? Then watch this Netflix documentary

You must know Fallout and The Elder Scrolls to play and enjoy Starfield? This and other questions have arisen among gamers as the fateful day approaches: September 6 is around the corner and the world Xbox is willing to try Starfieldthe great work of Bethesda.

Pete Hines, Head of Publishing at Bethesda, recently thought about what to play/see before embarking on this space journey. Through his social channels, and especially through Twitter, Hines has It is recommended that you watch a documentary about space exploration before starting Starfield. The invitation addressed to their fans is to get to know – even just a little – the subject of space exploration, so that they can better enjoy the experience in the now imminent celestial dome.

The documentary in question is Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine, available on Netflix and focused on the launch of the James Webb Telescope and the team of engineers who made it possible to discover more details about our universe. Of the total length of one hour, what is said in Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine is it is very important to play Starfield at its bestbut not essential. The mystery of what will be in Starfield thickens: in what terms is it useful to have seen the documentary available on Netflix? That and other questions continue to remain unanswered, such as the Creation Club’s possible return to Starfield, according to what emerged from Steam’s EULA.

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