Dog Sport Experience, on holiday with the dog (and the rest of the family). This is how we all play sports together –

“Attention! Trois, deux, un…” The opening could have been that of “Games without borders”, because we are very close: among the many innovations this year in Dog sports experience In fact, there will be awards not only at individual or team level, but also, through an ad hoc system of awarding points, for the Italian regions that stand out the most in the practice of dog sports. Imagine playing like this, on Sunday June 11, the third edition of the celebration of dog sports organized by the Fidasc federation, which deals with the disciplines to be conducted with dogs at a high level, together with the Csen foundation, which promotes them starting from the base of a rapidly growing centralized movement. A winning format that combines physical activity with your best friend with a holiday, alone or with the family, for a whole week, with activities – 2,500 lessons in 18 specialties, carried out by 70 trainers and 16 competitions – until Saturday 18 June, which can also be practiced only with daily admission: the venue of the event is the Club Village & Hotel Spiaggia Romea di Comacchio, in the province of Ferrara, the ideal location for the intense sports and pet-friendly trend, immersed in 500 hectares of natural refuge in the Po delta.

Noah’s Ark

A direct descendant of the ancient Camargue horse, Noah, a beautiful colt of the indigenous Delta breed, who has a stud farm in the Spiaggia Romea location, was born just a few days before the third Dog Sport Experience, as if to give his personal welcome to all animal and nature lovers, arriving with their best friends. A big little “ark”, that of the Lido di Volano accommodation, which in the coming days, in addition to many dogs, will also welcome sheep for the Sheepdog, a dog discipline that organizes real herding, but also beautiful Tibetan dwarf goats that, for the pleasant participation of adults and children, will appear in mini Agility classes, mastered by a Border Collie. The Sheepdog is just one of many possibilities for the dog to find himself expressing his true nature, for which he has been selected over the centuries, sometimes millennia. Maximum Pearl, organizer of the event and head of the Cinofilia sector of the Csen foundation, describes it as “a beautiful opportunity to guarantee healthy satisfaction for the dogs of our city, who thus realize themselves in carrying out activities that support the motivations of the respective breeds or , in general, typologies, because dog sports are absolutely “democratic”, open to mestizos as well. There are species motivations, more or less common to all dogs, such as those fostered by sports requiring the use of smell or those fostering a general cooperation through obedience exercises, and then there are disciplines such as the Sheepdog, in fact, inevitably dedicated especially in herding dogs which, however, given their strong intelligence in obedience, are highly valued as subjects of the family and now fill our metropolitan reality in significant numbers. Taking them for sports can greatly assist the average user in their daily vitality management, channeling energies that are otherwise difficult to control properly.”

Passion for dogs

An ethical way of life (with) the dog, the sport not only consolidates the relationship with the best friend, but also encourages socialization between people, even of very different ages (there are many who now practice it even in very young ones, such as x. is more advanced in years), united with this “fil rouge”, to put it in the style of “Games without borders”, which is the passion for dog lovers, which crosses the whole of Italy, from north to south. And it is in this consolidated perspective that the third edition of the Dog Sport Experience boasts, among a thousand new features, a trophy of the same name that aims, as Francesco Brescia, co-organizer of the event, “that of rewarding the Italian regions that are most distinguished in the exercise of dog disciplines. The scoring system takes into account the results achieved in relation to the number of participants in each region for each valid match. All competitors registered for the trials included in this trophy can earn points for their home region, which is declared during the registration phase. At the end of all matches, the top three districts in the final ranking will be awarded and the representatives of the winning district will be given the trophy, which they will keep until the next edition. Dog sports is a movement in which the institution of Csen strongly believes, as president Francesco Proietti recalls: “An event of the caliber of the Dog Sport Experience, the flagship of the annual offering, could only validate the value of sporting dog enthusiasts, for a national calendar of training and competitive events that is increasingly filled thanks to partner dog centers that are scatter the territory. But what are the sports in which Italians, as well as foreigners – someone has even come from Brazil to try this new form of holiday – can try their hand at the dog? Brescia continues: “The offer varies from the Retriever Sport, a green way that allows retrievers to realize themselves even without the use of prey, but through the retrieval of special dumbbells, to the Sheepdog, for the satisfaction of shepherds, which in Spiaggia Romea they will finally be able to collect the long-awaited sheep. And with Treibball they can also push and “pick up” colored balls. To awaken your sense of smell, you can try “nose” activities such as Mantrailing, Nosework and Pull Out Truffle Hunting. The structure’s evocative lake is instead home to open water swimming activities, from sea rescue to Dog Sup, but there will also be the Swim Dog Sport themed pools for aquatics lessons and swimming disciplines including diving. And the water element will also help to cool off after the Canicross sessions, the cross-country race with the dog, which in the Dog Trail version practices in the mountains, perhaps allowing itself to intrigue the evolution of the Dog Triathlon.

The protection of sporting dogs

Nothing comes more naturally to four-legged friends than jumping and running: as Perla points out, “the much better known Agility is certainly the driving force behind the world of other dog sports, which already boasts a youth sector and some virtuous suggestions for cultivating this, such as the initiative of free lessons for the little ones. Hoopers offers a version in which only the dog runs, led at a distance by the owner. Fun and entertainment is guaranteed at the Disc Dog field, where man’s friend jumps to bite a Frisbee. If you are looking for other scenic activities, the Dog Dance may be for you: pure poetry, which is the high expression of that general cooperation that Obedience and Rally Obedience foster mainly through obedience trails. Preparatory to each activity, there are also some exercises for the body and proprioceptiveness: to promote their generalized utility for sporting purposes is the Dog Balance, which has also become a real discipline with the related competitions.’ For dogs must be considered athletes in every respect, deserving of due consideration: this is one of the focus points of Fidasc, a federation that cares to cultivate the competitive excellence of the dog movement promoted by the Csen foundation starting from the grassroots. Felice Buglione, federal president, assures that “Fidasc’s intention is to launch a series of activities that enhance the ‘official’ dignity of the canine athlete and, at the same time, its maximum protection, both from a regulatory, medical and scientific point of view. Firstly, the birth of a ‘sporting dog’ register: a recognized, professional and comprehensive register of teaching material, of the sporting dog with reference to every level of sporting activity practised.’

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