EL: Difficult drama when Önnered advances

Siw Aabesh. Photo: Andreas L Eriksson/Bildbyrån.

Önnered’s two-goal deficit before the comeback ended in a deluxe tournament at ÖHK-Hallen. Sometimes the home team was on the right side of the line, sometimes Hypo Niederösterreich was in a brilliant position overall. After sudden penalties (!), it was clear that Önnered would play in Europe until the next qualifying round.

Önnered already had its chances during regulation time, 18-16 after Fanny Elovsson scored a point for the first 30 in alternation. The nine-yard line with Elovson and Siw Aabech leading the way cracked again at 25-19 with just over a quarter to play when the Green team appeared to be sitting on the game.

There was plenty of game left to play to say the least, Önnered’s six-goal lead vanished in seven dismal minutes when a single shot found the net in the away goal.

Patricia Kovacs carried Niederösterreich with opening assists and combined hits. Trailing 30-28, Önnered was unable to take advantage of the timeout opportunity to score more goals and the competition regulations announced penalties on Sunday afternoon.

Evelina Källhage missed the chance to decide after Hypo Niederösterreich missed one of her first four attempts. The cheers of victory were truly deep inside me. Siw Aabechs scored ÖHK’s ninth penalty after the end of normal time, before Jenny Sandgren scared off the visitors’ Nina Neidhart by finding the right 37-34.

Romanian Targu Jiu now stands between the Gothenburg team and the group stage. Önnered will start at home in the double competition in mid-November.

Önnereds HK–Hypo Niederösterreich 37–34 e.str. (30-28, 18-16)
Önnered continued with 64-63 in total.

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