EL: Ystad no chance in return

Jonathan Edvardsson, Sweden and TSV Hannover-Burgdorf. Photo: Carl Sandin/Bildbyrån.

Ystads IF could never threaten TSV Hannover-Burgdorf for 120 minutes and Jonathan Edvardsson’s side made it through to the group stage. It was much tighter elsewhere, two leads with an odd goal and a triumph from the penalty spot summed up qualification for the European League.

Ystad was clearly involved in the first half of the comeback but lacked the tactics and playing equipment to be able to turn the tide five goals down from the start. Branko Vujovic and Jonathan Edvardsson shone brighter when Hanover pulled out nine balls ahead of their home crowd.

The classic duel between Rhein-Neckar Löwen and RK Vardar had a similar overall difference in favor of Germany. Jon Lindenchrone Andersen and Jannik Kohlbacher were the mainstays of the Lions who prioritized the offense at 37-33.

Four-year-old champion BM Granollers disappeared after a penalty shootout against CSM Constanta. Portugal v Slovenia in the form of Braga and RK Trimo Trebnje was also decided from seven yards out, but in normal time Leonardo Abrahao’s 29-26 meant Braga were finally one goal clear.

Pfadi Winterthur pulled off a balancing act against Aguas Santas Milaneza in two scoreless matches. Behind the final numbers hides the odd fact that Winterthur had nearly 20 minutes without a goal in the final minutes and Aguas Santas was very close to extra time.

The draw for the eight groups of four teams has already taken place. IFK Kristianstad’s Group A with HBC Nantes and SL Benfica becomes even more difficult with the arrival of Rhein-Neckar Löwen. IK Sävehof with Gorenje Velenje and BM Cuenca in Group C will be joined by Winterthur due to the absence of the Swiss.

European League qualifying
BM Granollers–CSM Constanta 22–25 e. (18-20, 10-14)
CSM Constanta continue with 52-51 on aggregate
Braga-RK Trimo Trebnje 29-26 (13-14)
Braga continue with 58-57 on aggregate
TSV Hannover-Burgdorf – Ystads IF 30-21 (11-10)
Hannover-Burgdorf again with 63-49 in total
Rhine-Neckar Löwen – RK Vardar 37-33 (17-17)
Rhein-Neckar Löwen still further with 71-58 on aggregate
Pfadi Winterthur – Aguas Santas Milaneza 22-19 (16-11)
Pfadi Winterthur continues with 44-43 overall

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