Elections 2021 | YES has withdrawn from the candidate world champion. Due to controversial billboards

South Moravian candidate ANO, led by Finance Minister Alena Schillerová, was shaken just before the elections.

The leadership of the government movement canceled the candidacy of the famous figure skater and MP for Brno René Novotný, who was due to run from 20th place.

The reason for this is the nervousness of the YES headquarters over the billboards that Novotný stuck in the South Moravian metropolis, without specifying that they are linked to the elections and his candidacy.

In recent weeks after Brno, the former world figure skating champion has put up signs on “sports accessible to all children”.

He argues that the billboards are unrelated to politics and the upcoming elections. “They were meant for back to school, I’m generally known for supporting sport,” added Novotný, who dropped the list at the last minute.

However, its billboards began to be processed by the Political Party Management Control Office, and the movement feared inspectors would order Novotný to include billboards in the national ceiling of 90. million for the election campaign.

Last Wednesday, the South Moravian representative of the movement and assistant to the deputy Josef Bělica (YES) Ivan Končický requested the withdrawal of his candidacy according to the document available at the List of reports.

“Yes, I can confirm that Mr Novotný no longer appears in the YES candidate. The reason is his billboards,” said Jan Richter, director general and deputy of the movement.

Novotný, who was mayor of the Brno-Židenice district from 2014 to 2018, was not aware of his withdrawal from the candidate on Tuesday morning. “This is new and unpleasant information for me, I was not aware of such a step in the movement, so I’m sorry,” Novotný Seznam Report said.

Jan Outlý, a member of the Management Control Office of Political Parties and Political Movements, confirmed to publishers that they were dealing with dozens of Novotný billboards. “This is an ongoing process so I can’t comment on it anymore,” Outlý told News.

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