Enea Puntiroli (Lega): “Cervia is not relaunched with fun out of control, too much alcohol and loud music”

“It is recent news of an alliance between the municipal administration and the managers of the Milano Marittima facility to curb excesses and public order problems by increasing the public land available at the facility to allow only table service and consumption without take away alcohol. However, the problem of the territory guard remains very often at the mercy of hordes of young people pouring into the streets and on the beach as soon as the checks fall (around two in the morning), just think that last Saturday they were consumed, as in the scenario: robberies , quarrels and thefts, with at least three arrested, as well as drunkenness, urban decay and violation of private property, this is a result of the laxity and “goodness” of the last twenty years! “So the leader of the Lega Cervia group Enea Puntiroli.

“It is not with the rampant and uncontrollable entertainment, with the excessive alcohol and the loud music that re-launches a tourist resort like ours, on the contrary in this way we continue to lose our historical clientele, bringing the activities to the advertising for the knees, for the exclusive benefit of a few! – the League continues – We must design a new tourism model or at least correct the current one with the help and cooperation of all stakeholders. The season is not over yet and it is not the time to give up, the next two weeks, as well as the autumn weekends will be challenging, the presence of the territory must remain in the first place even in “uncomfortable” periods, punishing them who violate the most basic rules of conduct, of good taste and do not respect others “.

“We must roll up our sleeves immediately and work for the next season for the benefit of our residents and tourists, who first see the security, services and tranquility of the past. Safety must be taken into account in all forms, also the road is neglected, think only of the movement of scooters and bicycles, they are vehicles that easily lose control, the lack of maintenance of bumps and potholes causes constant falls even for pedestrians, sometimes with serious consequences. Not to mention those who turn uncontrollably, in pairs, against the hand, without respecting postures or priorities, even without lights. Why not use a helmet for minors and a reflective jacket at night? Also, don’t forget the dilapidated or even missing vertical and horizontal signs on many streets, just look at Viale Italia in Pinarella or Viale Romagna in the center of Milano Marittima, where thousands of people cross the street every day to get to the center , in the pine forest or at sea in complete disarray, it is not always possible to maintain only the blue stripes properly. We should not give up on checks and patrols, security is a good business card for our location, the tourist evaluates the destination of his vacation and based on that, the risk is not to return! “Imposing rules and imposing fines on those who confuse, ridicule, disrespect public dignity or even the neighbor is a sign of the kindness required to restore order and control,” concludes Lega Cervia leader Enea Puntiroli.

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