Eurochocolate Indoor Special Edition: the wave of gluttons continues. Amazing welcome to Ernst Knam and his exclusive live show.

(UNWEB) The wave of gluttons continues at the three Umbriafier kiosks in Bastia Umbra (Perugia), this year it hosts the new inner form of Eurocolata. Also, this second weekend, the three colorful themed areas, characterized by important scenery on the theme of cocoa and chocolate, the Chocolate Experience, the Chocolate Show and the Funny Chocolate, were able to welcome, with all the necessary precautions, the many fans of the favorite Food of the Gods, from all over Italy and abroad. 14,000 square meters of fun and lots of good chocolate for taste and shopping between live performances, teaching and entertainment.

Amazing welcome, as planned, for the long-awaited Ernst Knam, who as a gourmet testimonial and reference player with the brands Icam Linea Professionale and Agostoni, thrilled the public with his exclusive creation to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its founding of Icam Company.

The double appointment, for tomorrow, Sunday, October 24, is instead with Fusca and Finetti and Francesca Gambacorta, on the stage of the Chocolate Experience at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. respectively, with their very personal live shows.

Among this year’s innovations, a great success for the Choco Parade of Creative Academy by Eurochocolate, an original touring show with fins, aerial dancers and an outrageous sweetness discoverer. In Art Nouveau style and with costumes reminiscent of the new Eurocolates chocolates, the exciting parade continues to entertain the audience by accompanying them to the various stands.

The exclusive chocolate-themed entertainment to which the Chocolate Festival dedicated an entire area was also highly appreciated: the Funny Chocolate Pavilion. Here, waiting for the public, the original products signed by Costruttori di Dolcezze: from the series we are full of them! Dedicated to the 2021 edition with the brand new ChocolaTin chocolate, in the colorful Attacca button, passing from the sweet Choco at home, to the exclusive adjustments that are possible thanks to the Photo Choc and Nomemade series, the fun Choco di Parole with Alfaciock end up in the world enchanted from Sweet iesemata. Again, interactive spaces dedicated to families who can have fun playing with their imagination and with chocolate, trying their hand at real “chocolate” creations to get back home. The undisputed protagonist is also the hilarious Choco Circus where the story of cocoa is told through a fun and greedy show, accompanied by Donna Cannolo, Chocolieri and Pastry Chef. Don’t miss the maxi themed settings, like Choco Frame or ChocoSelfieStick, for sharing original shots. Olympic Chochi again, where fencing, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, free climbing and baseball become the key to chocolate. There are also spaces dedicated to children with maxi inflatables on which they can jump and slide to land with wonderful chocolate prizes.

Eurochocolate continues until tomorrow, October 24th!

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