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Two years of waiting, two years of postponement, of suffering, of emptiness. But now, the magic is about to return; everything is ready at the Arena Secretaría Nacional de Deportes in Auncìon (Paraguay), a sports facility that welcomes from Wednesday September 29 to Saturday October 9 2021 Artistic Roller Skating World Championships, an event that comes later twenty-six months after the last world championship, The World Roller Games in Barcelona.

Much has changed since July 2019, not only at the level of the protagonists concerned, but also in general, with a finally solid adjustment of the new evaluation system which, of course, will guarantee a great show in all scheduled races.

Italy, as always, start with the goal of winning as many medals as possible, even if it will be more complicated compared to other years, due to the exponential improvement of some nations, especially Spain which has extremely bright and impressed at the European Championships, took the stage in Riccione a few weeks ago.

In this sense, according to tradition it will be the individual specialty of men to be not only the most awaited, but also the most spectacular. Luca Lucaroni, star of our delegation, behind the others in preparation following an injury suffered during the summer, will have to reproduce once again the excellent performances observed on the Romagna Riviera, where he finished second, to stay behind an Iberian team motivated to fill up with success. The most formidable opponent will undoubtedly be Junior world champion Pau Garcia Domec, a real talent capable of conquering from the Continental Championship the beauty of 269.77 points in total, currently the world record. Not to be underestimated either Father Marsinyach Torrico, silver at the 2019 World Roller Games, has appeared in a hyper positive state throughout the season. An important opportunity also for the other two Azzurri, Alessandro Liberatore and Alberto Maffei.

Except surprise it will be instead an all-Italian clash in the female domain, with Rebecca tarlazzi motivated to do to sweep up, then a finish first in all the seasonal races in which he has participated. But they sure won’t stand there and watch nor the main title contender Letizia Ghiroldinor the two talented Spaniards Andrea Silva Pascual and Carla Escrich Solè, respectively third and fourth in the European Championships. Also on the starting line Micol Zangoli, at the first world championship in the highest category.

The great beauty of the dance makes will also appear on the Paraguayan track, ready to enchant again after the mad rush of Riccione. There will be at the start clearly the New European Champions Rachele Campagnol-Mattia Qualizza, who will have to defend with their nails and their teeth the provisional direction of the movement by blocking, in a context with a high rate of unpredictability, the Portuguese Pedro and Ana Walgode, as well as above all Asia Sofia TestoniGiovanni Piccolantonio, seeking redemption after European money. Also present Caterina Artoni-Raoul Allegranti, motivated to further improve their personal scores by trying to reach the podium.

You are skaters mentioned will also be part of the difficult and fascinating specialties of solo dance: Asya Sofia Testoni and Caterina Artoni will face each other extremely competitive and battle-ready competitors: from the Continental Champion Natalia Baldizzone Morales to the ever-growing German Emilia Zimermann passing by the Dutch Sylvia Pistorius and the Portuguese Ana Walgode. For males, the spotlight is clearly on the new king of Europe Lorenc Allvarez Caballero and on the always insidious Colombian Bryan carreno, without forgetting Pedro Walgode and our two splendid blues, Mattia Qualizza and Roul Allegranti.

More obvious but no less convincing proof of artistic couples, which will finally see the return of the Champions Rebecca Tarlazzi-Luca Lucaroni, during the first relevant race together this sporting year and decided to break yet another career record. Also present Alice Esposito-Federico Rossi, winners of both the Europeans and the Italian Roller Games, who Arianna Ferrentino-Federico CalzolarI.

Cross combat Italy-Germany-Argentina then in the compulsory, where they will try to make a big voice Mirco Schiavoni, Federico Trento and Luca Innocenti in the male category Chiara Trentini, Desirèe Cocchi and Alessia Donadelli in the feminine.

Major line defect. According to the official event website, in fact, Russia does not appear to be accredited. If this news is confirmed, the criticism will have to be done without European champion Anna Semisynova. She will always be the reigning queen of the world Chiara Censori the only one to beat, followed by the French Serena Giraud and the second rookie of the race, Kuk Mekta. Taipei bogey on the other hand for men, with the big Yi Fan Chen ready to amaze again by raising the bar again. The Argentine was also present Carlos Javier Urquia and our Antonio Panfili, bronze in Barcelona.

In the spectacular group discipline Italy will look for a encore in the quartets with the award-winning company formed by the Neovis and the Celebrity and a lot of redemption in the two remaining tests: for small groups the goal of Roma Roller Team will follow in the wake of Spanish champions CP L’Aldea. Super challenge therefore, except surprises, for the third box between the Iberians Matapedera and Tona with our Dejavu and Platinum. The whole event it will close with large groupsi, where in addition to the terrifying CPA Olot and CPA Tona will appear three Italian teams: Crystal Skating Team, Royal Eagles and Show Roller Team. Argentina very strong in Precision, where Monza Precision Team, Sincro Roller and Sincrolimpic will also try to win.

The entire notice will be visible for free on the World Skate streaming platform, World Skate TV. The time difference is six hours, below the program with Italian time.


wednesday 29 september

6.30 p.m. Compulsory Junior male (full) and female (first two exercises)
21:05 Compulsory female Junior (third exercise)

Thursday, September 30

00:30 Short program inline Junior individual female
01:15 Individual Junior Men’s Short Program Online
01:30 Short program online Senior individual women
02:10 Men’s individual short program

2:00 p.m. Compulsory Senior male (full) and female (first two exercises)
17:40 Mandatory Senior women (third exercise)
8:30 p.m. Opening ceremony
21:00 Free program inline Junior individual female
21:45 Free program inline Junior individual male
21:45 Free program Inline Senior individual women
22:35 Free program Inline Senior male individual

Friday October 1

20:50 Style Solo Dance Junior female

saturday 2 october

00:10 Male Junior Solo Dance Style
01:45 Accuracy
10 p.m. Small groups

Sunday October 3

18:25 Free Solo Dance Junior female (on the top 10 after style)
19:40 Free Solo Dance Junior male (out of the top 5 after style)
20:25 Short program Junior individual women
11:30 p.m. Individual junior men’s short program

Monday October 4

01:10 Free Solo Dance Female (top 10 after style)
02:35 Male Free Solo Dance (top 5 after style)
22:25 Solo Style Dancing Senior Female

Tuesday 5 October

01:05 Solo Style Dance Male Senior
21:55 Free program Junior individual women (out of the top 10 after the court)

Wednesday 6 October

00:30 Free program Juniors women (top 10 after the court)
02:10 Free program Junior individual men (out of the top 5 after the court)
03:35 Men’s individual free program (top 5 after the court)

18:10 Free Solo Dance Female Senior (on the top 10 after style)
19:50 Free Solo Dance Male Senior (out of top 5 after style)
9:15 p.m. Short program Individual senior women

Thursday, October 7

00:30 Short program Senior individual men
02:55 Free Solo Dance Senior female (top 10 after style)
04:20 Free Solo Dance Senior male (top 5 after style)

Friday October 8

01:00 Junior Style Dance Pairs
02:10 Senior style dancing couple
03:40 Short program for artistic junior couples
04:05 Short program for senior artistic couples

21:14 Women’s individual free program (out of the top 10 after the court)

saturday 9 october

00:09 Women’s individual free program (top 10 after the court)
01:54 Men’s individual free program (outside the top 10 after the court)
03:30 Men’s individual free program (top 10 after the court)

17:20 Free program for artistic junior couples
17:55 Free dance Junior dance pairs
19:20 Free program for senior artistic couples
20:55 Free program for senior dance couples
11:45 p.m. Quartets

Sunday 10 October

01:00 Large groups

Photo: Raniero Corbelletti (courtesy of FISR, Italian Federation of Roller Sports)

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