EXCLUSIVE TJ – Alessio Tacchinardi: “The controversy with Inter is funny, it will be an open match with Sassuolo. The feeling is that Allegri will play 3-4-2-1, in Dimbala …”

“As it went, it went fine, Dumfries’s mistake was really naive. The entry of Chiesa and Dimbala made Juve much more aggressive, the strategy of shielding Brozovic with Kulusewski was obvious. A point that suits Bianconeri very well.” His thoughts and words Alessio Tacchinardi, former Juventus midfielder and Mediaset columnist, who returned to the microphones of TuttoJuve.com to analyze the Italian derby and presented the match against Sassuolo:

More than regretting that we did not win, so should we be happy with the degree we won?

“Yes, because the two teams were more or less equal on the pitch. The San Siro match showed great spirit, two months ago you would not have left here with the grade you got on Sunday afternoon. The glass is half full, from the point of view “Chieza and Dimbala can not help but play. They are the only ones who can raise the level of unpredictability of the team.”

The reason you do for Chiesa and Dibala, can we do the same for De Licht?

“Without diminishing the great value of the Dutchman, Juve have a very strong defense. Danilo is a great player, at the San Siro he did not look distorted at all. The difference is less obvious, because without Chiesa and Dibala you lose really a lot. Napoli last year fought without Osimhem, so it’s not just the bianconeri who suffer from it.Federico in recent releases has not been overflowing as usual, his pace has dropped a bit and so he can stay there.see him on the bench. , joined Federico Chiesa “.

Why all this controversy? Why does a match between Inter and Juve not end without discussion?

“Even today I can not understand where the controversy was. And I did not understand where Simone Inzaghi, dear friend and great coach, wanted to go. He says at the end of the game that the referee did not see him and they called him back. Var, and that He had to do it? He didn’t have to say anything? So the episode is pretty clear: Dumfries kicks the ball and embarrassingly takes Alex Sandro’s leg. “1 ‘or the last minute, the foul is in the area and is justly punished with the penalty. It was very sad.”

What will be the challenge with Sassuolo?

“I have seen all their games, because I really like his manager. He got less points than he deserved, but there is a reason he did not take them home. This team leaves something, makes mistakes under the goal. Shocking and defense is not the strongest. If you leave space and try to play with their rhythms it is clear that you are having a hard time. “Boring like the game against Inter, it will be a more open game because Sassuolo makes you play well.”

And a positive result would do more than good, given that Juve are still far from the top.

“We start from the assumption that Napoli and Milan will not be able to win everything, so Juve and also Inter are clearly in the race for gold. The Bianconeri, however, have already run out of bonuses, so at the moment you are chasing your opponent, you can not afford to make a mistake.Unlike the two leaders, who at the moment also have a decent difference from the third.The important thing will be to treat Sassuolo with the right behavior, Allegri is the right coach for these situations “.

The highlight that was observed, and could not be otherwise, will be Manuel Locatelli. Could he be intolerant of his former team?

“Absolutely not, Locatelli has already shown that he is a Juve player and he is doing well with it. He has to play like last month, be the mainstay and sew the game. I saw him in a bit of difficulty at first, but because the There are strong players who need a system like Leao or Chiesa who can be disastrous with their snatch in any team. “It made his performance easier. With Inter he was a bit behind physically, it’s normal because he pulled the basket and there may be a moment of bending. Allegri loves the setters, so I would see him well with Arthur.”

That is, a midfield of two people consisting of Arthur or Locatelli, or even three?

“It could be two or three, maybe a 3-4-2-1 with him and Arthur in the midfield and the Chiesa / Dimbala pair behind Morata. In my opinion it would be the right dress for the Old Lady to sew. It is true that there would be less filter, but it would not be bad to see more dribbles. this idea, we may well see it soon. That is the feeling. “

How will the 3-4-2-1 you suggest be composed?

“Szczesny at the end, a defense formed by Bonucci, Chiellini and one between Danilo and de Ligt, the two tall outsiders would be Cuadrado and Alex Sandro with Arthur and Locatelli in the middle, Chiesa and Dybala would be the duo behind Morata. it would have five that are there, two that are filter and when you have the ball it has a lot of quality. To date there is no clear form, but in the meantime he has regained his spirit. And that’s very important. “

Dimbala’s attitude towards Inter was right. A net of constant injuries that have tormented him, can a new Paulo be discovered?

“I hope he returns to have fun on the pitch, as he did when he was a kid in Argentina. He does everything possible to avoid falling back into these constant injuries, we hope to find a natural balance that will be able to train him consistently every day. “A decent boy with an angel face, he is not one to be feared, a few years ago he became one of the top ten in the world. No coach can ever take away his crystal talent, in the last seasons he did less than his real “Value. Let’s not limit it: few have its quality. It’s always nice to see it at work. And it’s time to push the engine to a low level.”

We thank Alessio Tacchinardi for the kindness and availability he showed during this interview.

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