Experts in literature: Hen receives the Nobel Prize for literature this year

Bjorn wiman is responsible for culture at Dagens nyheter. He believes and hopes that Norwegian writer Karl Ove Knausgård will be this year’s Nobel laureate.

– I think what he has done with his My Struggle series of novels is one of the most groundbreaking that has been done in fiction in many decades. And his latest novel, Morgonstjärnan, is among the best fictitiously written in the world right now, he says.

Karl Ove Knausgård is 52 years old, a young age for a Nobel Prize winner.

– It would be both an expected and surprising choice for the Swedish Academy. Nobody thinks it will be him and so it is likely that it will be him, says Björn Wiman.

Anneli dufva worked for many years as a literary critic and is currently a playwright and editor at Dramaten. She mentions, among others, Annie Ernaux, Joyce Carol Oates and Dubravka Ugrešić on her list of deserving laureates.

– Then I also want to mention Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She would be a funny winner because she can read and write very well on big issues. A yellow half-sun is about the Biafran war and Americanah is about exile and racial issues, says Anneli Dufva.

Victor malm is a literary critic at Expressen and holds a doctorate in literary studies. He hopes that Norwegian author Dag Solstad will be this year’s winner.

– This is the kind of author who, for every new novel, almost invents a new rule on how novels can be composed. I really like this kind of rather wild novel writing and I think the Swedish Academy is very good at rewarding this kind of novel art, he says and continues:

– I hold Dag Solstad incredibly high. He is truly one of the greatest novelists in all of Europe in my book.

And Schueler is an author, writer and former cultural editor at Svenska dagbladet. He points out that he doesn’t know who will receive the award this year, but that he still has hope.

– It’s time for Salman Rushdie to receive the award. He is a brilliant essayist and is exactly what one might expect of a Nobel Prize winner. His novel The Midnight Children has to be considered one of the best of the ’80s. And he’s an innovator in the art of the novel, not only when it comes to Midnight Children, but Satanic verse as well.

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