Fabrizio Moro will appear at Piazza Cavour on Monday at Festa Maggiore

Scree Fabrizio Moro to set the stage at Piazza Cavour on the night of Monday, August 8, at 9.30 pm, to close the week of celebrations in honor of Maria SS. of Sovereto. To announce it is Patronage Festival Committee in the person of the chairman Carmine D’Aniellowith the help Pascual de Leomember of the same Committee and responsible for its events PDL Communications & Marketing.

The concert is part of de “My voice tour 2022” of the artist who will stop at Terlizzi to excite the audience in the middle of the Festa Maggiore.

Born in 1975, Fabrizio Mobrici, also known as Fabrizio Moro, has thirteen albums and seven appearances at the San Remo Festival: he has won two, one in 2007 in the “Young” category with his song. “He thinks” and the other in the section “Big” together with Ermal Meta with the text “You have not done anything to me” in 2018.

A singer-songwriter and a wide range of musicians, Moro with his lyrics range in every sphere of existence: they are reflections on the social context, politics, the passage of time, personal experiences and the complexity of love in its innumerable aspects.

There are many songs that have entered the emotional baggage of his fans, for example “Words, Noises and Days”, “Tomorrow”, “Peace”, “Games”, “Take Me Away”, “Nobody’s Children”.

His sharp voice is imprinted in the heart of the listener, evokes sensations, provokes reflections and unites all those who face an intimate and restrained or collective and common battle. His compositions are an anthem to the fight against mafia and terrorism, to the desire to build a better and more inclusive world.

Tickets are available to the Patronage Committee at Piazza IV Novembre in Terlizzi or are available online at the sites ciaotickets.com and ticketone.it.

For more information you can contact the phones 0803216062 the 3388723866.

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