Facebook Messenger: This is how you send expiring messages like with WhatsApp


Expired messages in Facebook Messenger will automatically disappear after a certain period of time. Netzwelt shows you how to enable the feature that is already known from WhatsApp.

As with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger also has a kind of self-destruct mechanism for chatting with expired messages.

However, Facebook has hidden a bit of the feature there, so that many can not find it right away. You can not use the messages that disappear in Facebook Messenger for every conversation. The message self-destruct mechanism can only be activated in secret conversations with end-to-end encryption enabled.

In terms of expiration time, the messages that disappear in Facebook Messenger are much more convenient. WhatsApp autoresponder messages always have a fixed lifespan of seven days. With Facebook Messenger you can set an hour from a few seconds to a day with a timer.

Regardless, you should only use Facebook Messenger for trusted contacts and not for sensitive content. Because with a screenshot, as with other messengers, a current message can easily be stored there permanently.

The following steps show how you can activate expiring messages in Facebook Messenger.

Unlike WhatsApp and Co., Facebook Messenger transfers messages from certain contacts to a spam folder. In order not to miss a message, you should therefore check it at regular intervals.

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