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If the last year was marked by the drama of the pandemic, the last two saw the arrival and the spread of the 5G technology, with the installation in certain territories of the antenna system to manage mobile data flows. With the advent of this innovation, smartphones capable of harnessing the potential offered by this new technology began to spread at the same time.

But as is the case in many cases, the enthusiasm for the novelty was followed by a series of concerns about the potential health risks. And here in a short time, thanks to the speed of the web’s propagation, real fake news on 5G was born.

This 5G technology began to be perceived as something deleterious, so much so that in many regions, even committees were born against the installation of 5G antennas.

The SOStariffe.it observatory explored the question, collecting and refuting the 5 most widespread fake news about 5G on the net. Let’s see what they are.

How 5G was born, a bit of history

The first ancestral fear of people on the web is that the electromagnetic waves emitted by 5G cause damage to health. Let’s briefly review the history that led to the development of 5G technology to understand how things really are.

Initially, there was the 1G, analog technology, which allowed communication between two subjects via a radiofrequency scanner. 2G has made it possible to secure radio frequencies by introducing the sending of SMS and the possibility of exchanging data by downloading up to 250 Kbps.

The 3G led to site downloads, emails and instant messages, with a significant increase in connection speed which has, over time, reached even higher values ​​with the arrival of 4G.

The 5G is an improvement service not just in terms of speed: the goal is indeed to decrease latency, increase energy savings and improve overall performance.

The most popular 5G fake news

1. 5G has negative health effects

That’s right, the frequency of the 5G network is undoubtedly higher than that of the 4G network. But if it is true that as the frequencies increase, the waves also increase, and therefore the level of exposure, at the same time the band which stabilizes the signal and reduces risk.

In other words, as the WHO itself recalled, the electromagnetic fields we will be exposed to will indeed be stronger, but not to harm human beings.

It is therefore not true that the risk of developing cancer, because the 5G network has a limited ability to cross solid barriers, including our bodies.

2.5G death of birds

Another fake news which received a lot of echo on the net relates to the uploading of a video on YouTube in which a large number of birds have been seen dead in the Netherlands.

The widespread rumors blamed the phenomenon on the presence of 5G technology and the fact that an experiment had been carried out to verify the extent of the new technology.

In fact, it was fake news spread by some organized groups against 5G. In fact, at the time the filming took place in the area there were no 5G network test stations.

3. 5G makes privacy vulnerable

Other unfounded urban legends, amplified by the power of the web, claim that 5G will violate the strictest security protocols and encourage cyber attacks.

The actual situation is quite different in this, given that 5G technology allows lower latency times, reducing the time between sending and receiving a signal: it will therefore be more difficult to intercept and “infect” it with malware.

4. 5G does not speed up the network

There are also those who believe that 5G will not really bring any benefits in terms of improving network performance for “surfers”: even then, it is a mistaken belief.

The 5G network will, in fact, improve user experience, for example when watching streaming video content. It will also solve the problems of data traffic congestion in the presence of many people such as in buses, trains, stations, stadiums or in moving private vehicles.

In addition, in addition to the speed of the network and the innovative services offered, there will be no risk of possible online data theft.

5. 5G caused the coronavirus

It seems absurd to think so, but a lot of people believe it: someone has spread the rumor that 5G promoted the spread of the Coronavirus in the world.

Needless (or perhaps not?) To say that these are simple suggestions, devoid of any scientific basis, capable of finding fertile ground in a historical moment marked by so many uncertainties. THE

5G was created to improve the lives of consumers, not to threaten them.

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