Fashion critic: “Turks shouldn’t have to put up with this”


The home shirt is nothing special while the away shirt has a nice decorative feather pattern. It doesn’t say much but it’s very 80s. But what do feathers really have to do with Austria?


Very interesting homemade sweater! Here is a decorative effect with a large brushstroke on the sweater which will form a B. Nice and quick. But once again, what is the link with Belgium? Are they big manufacturers of brushes and paints? In this case, I missed it.


The checkered home shirt is, as usual, very pretty. Too bad the pattern does not follow on the back, which would have been more fully sunk. The away jersey is an unimaginative black play with the checkered pattern.

Czech Republic

The away jersey oozes a lime-colored ruffle sweater with a herringbone pattern. Modern, fast and elegant look that stands out.


The house sweater is traditional. But it’s funny that the pattern at the bottom is based on a sound wave that occurred when Danish fans sang the national anthem. Good anchoring in the team and the country.


The house sweater is very pretty. The shield is in the middle and the logo is below. Good solution because the shield is the most important. The stripes on the away jersey are: well, why then?


I really like the homemade sweater and it’s not just because I’m half-fin. The decorative effect is a classic of the 80s where the color changes from dark blue to royal blue. The cross is graphic and clear. But the shirt on the outside is reminiscent of a uniform for someone who works in a supermarket, like Walmart. Sad! Doesn’t look like a soccer jersey.


The home shirt tries to give the 98 winning team a comeback with the red ribbon on the chest. Rather nice! But above all, I love the rooster on the chest! The away jersey is incredibly stylish and classic. The rooster comes out even more! He is a real rooster like crazy – a clear connection with the national symbol.


The parallel lines are really inside. 80s but maybe a little rugby. The away jersey is sad, the same odd cut across the chest that Sweden has. What did you mean with?


Hungary has chosen a cool decorative effect: a line that sweeps across the front and symbolizes the Danube. There I ate a good goulash and so it gives me good feelings.


Attempts have been made to anchor its decorative effects in the history of the country. Italy collapsed in the Renaissance, found a model and then updated it. But modern diamonds are more like an 80s pattern. It gets pretty funny.


What should this model say? What does it represent? Tulips? N / A. But the orange is good as usual.

North Macedonia

Trendy and elegant color with a lynx at the bottom. The lynx, which is the national symbol of the country. Show it off even more!


Oh what a beautiful sweater. So classic and cool. A small DDR design with the eagle sitting on the emblem. However, you have a problem: the Nike logo on the chest which rocks the design, the jersey also tilts. Better to center like the English did.


The away jersey is very 80s. The emblem is straight on the lines, which means that the readability deteriorates enormously. You shit in the function and you want a strong expression. I think it’s insolent to dare!


The away jersey is pretty cool. Otherwise sad


The away jersey has an interesting art deco pattern. Eighties fragrance with shaded triangles on one side. What does it represent? Small rocks maybe. It’s pretty good.


The background pattern floats and invades the entire sweater. Where is the link with Slovakia?


Advanced with the different color tones! Eighties and nice with gold elements.


Sweden has a sad home shirt but a beautiful away shirt reminiscent of Björn Borg’s tennis shirts in the 70s and 80s.


Nothing. Missing the old away jersey with four beautiful ribbons that symbolized the Alpine peaks. The colors represented the four official languages ​​of the country: German, French, Italian and Romansh.


The logo is above the crescent and the star, indicating that Nike is considered more important than the country. It’s a failure, that’s not what it should look like. Turks shouldn’t have to put up with this. The worst of the class.


Created strong reactions in Russia as the shirts are adorned with a silhouette of the Ukrainian map, including the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia. Controversial – and I’m generally in favor of shirt strikes!


The color scheme comes from a seal taken from a Welsh revolutionary (Owain Glyndŵr) in the 15th century. Great that they tie the shirt to their own rebel! The colorful cuffs play well.

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