Figure skater Gorbachova’s coach about her ward’s escape: A surprising statement!

The disappearance of a promising Russian figure skater for two days has caused an uproar in Moscow and around the world. Fortunately, Alina Gorbachova (16 years old) found herself, but evil tongues claim that arguments with Sofia Fedchenkova (28 years old) were the cause of her escape. What does the relationship between mentee and coach look like today? They say everything is finally closed! Despite previous speculation, the figure skater continues his pre-season training under the supervision of this coach.

At the end of August, she left the Chkalov Arena without a word and spent the night on the street. Why did Alina Gorbachev make such a decision? Little is known about the young figure skater’s real reasons; her unexpected escape remains the subject of much speculation. Ty talks about the coach who claimed the girl despite the fact that her parents are still alive. Sofia Fedchenkov has been caring for her for almost 10 years, when she took on the role of both coach and surrogate mother. Her biological parents therefore rarely see her.

The controversial coach spoke out for the first time on the hot-button issue to address the rapidly spreading rumors and slander. They say that Alina’s sprint has nothing to do with figure skating. Apparently, she continues her intensive training, during which she perfects her programs before the upcoming start of the season. They will participate on September 16 and 17 at the Megasport Arena in Moscow during the junior competition. The only sixteen-year-old also confirmed some time ago that she would also take part in a spectacular ice show in China alongside the biggest stars of Russian figure skating.

“The preparation is going well, Alina is now training in Moscow. The story of her escape has nothing to do with figure skating, so the preparation is going smoothly. Everything is already in the past. We forget about it and continue to work hard. said Fedchenkova for the Russian site The latest reports indicate that on September 6, they went to Sochi together to relax and spend the weekend sunbathing, surfing and relaxing on the beach.

According to the coach, everything is going as it should again. The figure skating hopeful also actively communicates on the Telegram platform, where she tells her fans everything important about her private life. On his days off, he spends time on the treadmill, walking his beloved dog, or chatting with friends. But is everything really okay? Or is it a wasted effort that contradicts reality?

A number of big figures from the world of figure skating shared their opinions, including Olympic champion Anna Ščerbakovová, who in an interview for Championship spoke about the proper training and education of young sporting hopefuls. “My family has always supported me and it was always important to me to return to a peaceful home. I didn’t have coaches there training me all the time. It was a place where I could rest in peace and where I always felt supported. It helped me cope with many difficult situations.” the former figure skater thought out loud.

Psychologist Jelizaveta Koževnikova, for her part, believes that in such situations one needs to know all the details to have a complete opinion. According to her, however, something probably happened that hit the promising figure skater very hard. This served as a trigger that released the built-up tension. The young girl could not bear this pressure, she was afraid and preferred to run away from her worries.

Alina Gorbachova’s escape apparently had nothing to do with figure skating…

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