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Piero Chiambretti, who has been at the helm of television for several years Tiki Taka, wrote an autobiography where he says a lot about the man Chiambretti, who narrates the most beautiful but also the least beautiful moments of his life and these are also very painful.

Piero Ciambreti, after the book was released, gave a lengthy interview to the weekly Chi, on the occasion of which he revealed some details related to his book.

Piero Chiambretti reveals: “Fiorello was the first to buy my book”

Piero Ciambreti, following the release of his autobiography, gave a lengthy interview to Chi weekly in which he said: ” Fiorello was the first to call me to tell me he had bought my bookI told him that if he did not like it, I would return the money. “I started entertaining in tourist villages just like he did.”

Piero Ciambreti aims to tell how he started his career in the world of entertainment thanks as well Mauritius Costanzo“Costanzo wrote a short article in which he highlighted my ability to be brilliant and innovative. Then invited me to the Maurizio Costanzo Show and I showed up with a banana. “

But Ciambreti He also revealed some painful moments in his life and said: “I was laughed at and intimidated” and then he explained why: “I always had a little problem with height”.

So Ciampreti wanted to emphasize how Fiorello required to buy his book.

Fiorello in San Remo

This year, it seems, this Fiorello will return to its address Festival together with Amadeus that if at the beginning he said: “Last year he really expressed his desire to close the Festival for a while. “Beyond that, nothing has changed, there have been no developments, no confirmations or changes,” he told Tg1. “But who would have believed that!” I, for one, would never say that I would host three consecutive Sanremo Festivals! It is a great pleasure and for that I thank the CEO Carlo Fuortes and the director of Rai 1 Stefano Coletta who wanted me at the helm of the 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival, in February 2022. I look forward to starting work, starting to listen to the songs , to share them with you, there will be beautiful songs in the competition, then there will be the show, the fun, the emotions and many surprises “.

And, in his presence Fiorello next to Amadeus, Dagospia, his website Roberto D’Agostino revealed: “Fiorello is number oneAmadeus wants it, Ray wants it. It will be up to him to decide if and how he will be there: the decision has not yet been made. There is no official announcement. “

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