FONDAZIONE MATTIA – Volleyball between passion and “Heart”: jersey no. 14 must return to the net

In the world of sport, what often makes a discipline special is the passion that permeates it, the emotional power that drives it and the love for its inherent values. The Mattia Foundation “launches” the jersey n.14

Thanks from the Mattia Foundation to Saracena Volley

Volleyball is one such discipline, able to unite people of different ages and backgrounds through a deep connection to the game and its meanings. And when we talk about passion and “heart” in volleyball, we can’t help but remember the touching gesture made by Saracena Volley last year when they retired the number 14 shirt in honor of Mattia, a boy who unfortunately didn’t enjoy it and made the his loved ones are rejoicing in his developmental successes.

The Mattia Foundation, with immense gratitude in its heart, would like to thank Saracena Volley again for this touching gesture. The shirt with the number 14, dedicated to Mattia, has become a symbol of memory, a tangible testimony of love and affection. After some time, Mattia’s parents are sure that their “boy who never became a boy” wants the number 14 jersey to fly on the pitch again, under the net, to inspire excitement, fun and respect in all players. field.

“We will never forget the availability, the ‘heart’ and the closeness of all the management staff and players of Saracena Volley,” say Mattia’s parents. This gesture filled their hearts with gratitude and affection and will forever be remembered by those who were privileged to witness such solidarity.

Mattia, from above, smiles and thanks.

And in this gratitude, Giuseppe Pettina now states, we give many meanings and values ​​and he underlines the importance of passion, emotions, adrenaline and love for sport and its values. These elements are the engine that allows a sporting reality, made up of young talent, to grow and prosper. The Saracena Volley project – says Pettina – was more than just a sporting commitment. It was a passion that aimed to promote not only volleyball but also sports culture and values ​​to the youth. The importance of team spirit, fair play and mutual respect has always been at the heart of this initiative. All this in the name of Mattia.

He adds: “The spirit and values ​​that inspired the gesture of love to Mattia are the same that Saracena Volley will always honor. Sport should be experienced as a moment of fun, but also as a commitment and opportunity for sporting and social gathering, closely linked to the territory.

A final remark: “the world of volleyball and sports in general is imbued with deep passions and gestures of love that make them unique. The number 14 shirt has become a symbol of this love and an eternal memory of Mattia. We thank Saracena Volley for keeping the passion, ‘heart’ and commitment alive in the world of sports and we wish everyone a future full of joy and success on the pitch.”

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