football master we loved and miss

These characters and this football will never return. Farewell to Carletto Mazzone It brutally smacks us in the face how much nostalgia for this world is becoming more and more intense. And, no, it’s not a simple traditionalist like “once upon a time everything was better than now”, it’s sadly the bitter observation that, although it remains a spectacle capable of still enthralling, football has lost its authenticity, its fun and perhaps also its magic of people like Mazzone was able to convey.

We traded a bike, maybe a little rusty, for a burning plastic SUV: it’s hard to claim we’ve made money, especially now, in days when The Saudis gift a zoo and 160 million to Neymar (someone perhaps trained by Mazzone would have become a great footballer and not a ball acrobat).

Mazzone, wit and honesty

With Carletto Mazzone we lose a grandfather or an uncle. One of those who even without ever meeting him you could consider him as one of your family, as long as you were a little bit passionate about football. His humanity pierced every screen, even that of a smartphone, from which his grandchildren made him appear recently, showing that when you’re funny and wise like Mazzone you can tear even a teenage tiktoker apart. His intelligence showed everywhere in his reasoning, that he liked to dress romantically, because trying to be different from what he is, after all, is a huge waste of time, and he knew it very well, hence his jackets and The woolens caps were infinitely truer than the narrow honesty of some jackets that wrap around his colleagues today.

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