Football, Qatar 2022 World Cup: Italy group and TV rights

The European Football Championships ended in a the week but it is already time to plan for the future. The Global which will be played in Qatar in fact, next year is just around the corner.

It will be a very intense year and a half for Roberto Mancini’s group who will try to appear at their best in the world championship. Let’s see the national team schedule by November 2022 where the World Cup in Qatar. It is the first time that a country of the Middle East hosts the world championship.

And it is also likely that this is the last edition of a 32 teams given that for the next edition of the World Cup, the enlargement to 48 teams should be achieved.

Football, Italy’s road to the World Cup

Victory one Wembley to the penalty shot in the final against England is still a fresh memory. The overhaul of the national team operated by Roberto Mancini allowed to achieve the complete result the first time.

After the failure of the ai Russia 2018 World Cup, the former player of Sampdoria and Lazio, among others, took the situation in hand and gradually built a group capable of winning the European championships. Euro 2020 European Championships which were played in 2021 for the well-known reasons related to pandemic.

And now, what is the immediate and longer term future of national? The schedule is not tight, it is full of commitments.

In fact, the world qualifiers continue, then there will be the League of Nations and there will be no stopping until November 2022 when the World Cup in Qatar.

Attention November and this is not a mistake: in fact it will not be played in domain according to tradition because the temperatures of Qatar they would make it an improbable business but it will be played between November and December 2022. It will be a world championship which will also imply the need for change and not only the structuring of traditional leagues for clubs.

Football, the calendar of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Italy’s mission now to Roberto Mancini is to look good also ai Qatar World Cup 2022.

We know that the appetite comes with eating and also the new position in strong ascendancy in the ranking could help from a draw point of view. The tournament will be played from November 21 with the inaugural match which will see the hosts of Qatar on the pitch until the final for first and second place which is scheduled for December 18, 2022.

The World Cup will be played in 5 cities in Qatar and obviously the lion’s share will go to the capital Doha. Overall, the tournament will be played in 8 stages. The cities that will host the matches are Al-Khor, Doha, Losail, Al Wakrah and Ar Rayyan.

Stadium capacity ranges from 40,000 spectators to 86,000 at Lusail Iconic Stadium. As mentioned, the opening race with the Qatar on the pitch will take place on Monday, November 21, 2022, the first group stage will end on December 2. The round of 16 will be played from December 3 to 6, while the quarter-finals are scheduled for December 9 and 10. Semi-finals on December 13 and 14 and final on December 18, 2022.

Football, the importance of the Fifa ranking

We mentioned the importance of ranking earlier. It should be noted that Italy is very well positioned in the qualifying group: three victories in the first three matches played last March, 5 other commitments will be for the national team of Roberto Mancini but the path to winning the ticket of ‘plane for the Qatar seems very well advanced.

The classification speech is very important: Italy is now fourth in the Fifa rankings behind Belgium, Brazil and France. When drawing lots for the eight groups in which the 32 teams that will play the World Cup in Qatar will be divided, an important objective is to be included in the first pot which guarantees a seeded and on paper easier printing.

Two seeds are already defined: they are the Qatar organizing country and France defending champion who won the World Cup in Russia in 2018. There are six more free places at the top of the series and staying in the top positions of the standings would be essential.

Football, Italy’s journey to Qatar 2022

Italy has already started its qualifying process a Qatar 2022 in a clear and clear manner. Three games played last March and three wins.

THE’Italy played at home against Northern Ireland on March 25 beating her 2-0. March 28, then an outside success still with the score of 2-0 in Bulgaria. And finally on March 31 another external success still with the same score (2-0) in Lithuania.

Three games played, three victories, a clear round and the first position of the group with 9 points. The classification of the group is as follows, in brackets the number of matches played by each team.


  • Italy 9 points (3)
  • Switzerland 6 points (2)
  • Northern Ireland 1 (2)
  • Bulgaria 1 (3)
  • Lithuania 0 (2)

Here are the matches played, the results and the next engagements of the teams of group C.

March 25, 2021

Bulgaria 1-3 Switzerland

Italy-Northern Ireland 2-0

March 28, 2021

Bulgaria-Italy 0-2

Switzerland-Lithuania 1-0

March 31, 2021

Lithuania-Italy 0-2

Northern Ireland 0-0 Bulgaria

September 2, 2021

Italy-Bulgaria (20.45) the match is played in Florence

Lithuania-Northern Ireland (8:45 p.m.)

September 5, 2021

Bulgaria-Lithuania (6 p.m.)

Switzerland-Italy (20.45) the match is played in Basel

September 8, 2021

Italy-Lithuania (20.45) the match is played in Reggio Emilia

Northern Ireland v Switzerland (8:45 p.m.)

October 9, 2021

Lithuania-Bulgaria (15.00)

Switzerland-Northern Ireland (8:45 p.m.)

12 October 2021

Bulgaria-Northern Ireland (8:45 p.m.)

Lithuania-Switzerland (8:45 p.m.)

November 12, 2021

Italy-Switzerland (8:45 p.m.)

Northern Ireland-Lithuania (8:45 p.m.)

November 15, 2021

Northern Ireland-Italy (8:45 p.m.)

Switzerland-Bulgaria (8:45 p.m.)

Qatar 2022 World Cup, the qualifying situation

UEFA, the European confederation, brings 13 national teams to Qatar. I am 13 places allocated to the European continent. The 55 national teams participating in the qualifiers were divided into 10 groups. Thus, 5 groups of 5 teams (groups from A to E) and five groups of six teams were formed.

Groups F to J were formed with six teams each. The top ten of the groups advanced to the finals in Qatar.

The other 3 places are allocated by play-offs in the semi-finals and finals between the ten finalists and two teams that will come from League of Nations.

Here are the partial rankings of the other groups:


  • Portugal 7
  • Serbia 7
  • Luxembourg 3
  • Ireland 0
  • Azerbaijan 0


  • Spain 7
  • Sweden 6
  • Greece 2
  • Georgia 1
  • Kosovo 0


  • France 7
  • Ukraine 3
  • Finland 2
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
  • Kazakhstan 1


  • Belgium 7
  • Rep.Ceca 4
  • Wales 3
  • Belarus 3
  • Estonia 0


  • Denmark 9
  • Scotland 5
  • Israel 4
  • Austria 4
  • Well above 1
  • Moldova 1


  • Turkey 7
  • Netherlands 6
  • Montenegro 6
  • Norway 6
  • Latvia 1
  • Gibraltar 0


  • Croatia 6
  • Russia 6
  • Slovakia 5
  • Cipro 4
  • Slovenia 3
  • Malta 1


  • England 9
  • Hungary 7
  • Albania 6
  • Poland 4
  • Andorra 0
  • San Marino 0


  • Armenia 9
  • North Macedonia 6
  • Germany 6
  • Romania 3
  • Iceland 3
  • Lichtenstein 0

It’s not just the World Cup qualifiers, there’s also the Nations League

It’s not just the qualifiers of the AI Qatar World Cup 2022 to play but there are also the Nations League matches in the intense program of the coming months of the Italy of Mr. Roberto Mancini. Indeed, in October, the Four Nations League Final. Roberto Mancini’s boys will play in the semi-finals against Spain.

The match is scheduled for October 6 in Milan. The other Nations League semi-final will see the France against the Belgium. The match is played on October 7 in Turin. The final for third place takes place at the Allianz Stadium in Turin and the whole final instead one San Siro: the two finals will be played on 10 October 2021.

The competitions of the new League of Nations will also begin in June 2022. This time we are talking about the 2022-2023 edition. The first four matches of the group stage are played. Before the World Cup Qatar then two more matches will be played in September 2022.

World Cup, Italy to Qatar: Roberto Mancini’s players

Hard to think that Roberto Mancini will upset the group that triumphantly conquered theEuropean Sunday July 11. Many of these players will certainly be on the next expedition as well.

The backbone of the owners of this adventure – in all likelihood if the qualifying process goes well – will also be present in Qatar. Mancini will return to rely on Donnarumma in the goal, in the axis Bonucci-Chiellini in defense, on Jorginho, Veratti and Barella in the middle.

He will also try to recover players who were part of the national team and who subsequently did not participate in the European expedition for various reasons, including injuries. The eyes fixed in this speech, for example on Pellegrini, Sensi, Zaniolo, Lazzari, Kean e Tonali.

Qatar 2022 World Cup on TV: an update on TV rights

The last Europeans were broadcast with a formula now consolidated in our country. Rai for part of the matches e Sky for the integral manifestation.

But what is the situation of TV rights for the Qatar World Cup 2022. In addition, a very attractive world championship on television and listening since it is played in winter and with schedules in the afternoon and evening. At the moment, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar revolves around Rai. Public television holds the broadcasting rights for the entire event.

For now, Rai has the option of deciding how to move: whether it is to keep the whole event to yourself or to keep around thirty games and give away a bundle of games for broadcast on pay television. Obviously there is at the window Amazon e Sky.

Amazon enters football in force from next September with the exclusive broadcast of the most interesting Wednesday matches of the Champions League.

Sky obviously on the basis of a consolidated tradition for these events she could be interested. Rai this way could fall from a part of the funds spent on the purchase of rights.

The fact that you are in a strategic and commercially strong period like November and December will be a factor that all stakeholders will carefully consider when deciding what to do.

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