“For the show I hope Abraham is there”

To talk about the Serie A weekend in Maracana, in the afternoon of TMW Radio, it was the former manager of the FIGC Antonello Valentini.

The nationals, it is always chaos that returns. In Spain the matches have been postponed, and in Italy?
“It has always been a huge problem. The search for the right balance has never reached a meeting point. Fifa and UEFA are exaggerating. On the one hand, UEFA is increasing the cups, Fifa has a tight schedule and even think of the World Cup every two years. This is resolved by stopping the quarrel and opening a discussion table with all the parties concerned, including the players’ representatives. It is a very difficult balance to find, the clubs have their needs and pay the players, but even the national teams have their needs. The much-maligned national teams are doing something, however: without their matches, the talents probably would not have gained the international experience they need today and that very often they do not reach with their own clubs “.

Weekend with Juventus-Roma:
“We hope that the sentimental events do not affect Allegri’s athletic performance, but it is a joke. The serious problem is that of not being able to have Dybala and the midfielders. He has to be careful to line up the most suitable team. For the show. I hope Abraham will be there for Roma, because it’s a pleasure to see both teams at their best. “

Lazio-Inter, who do you see as the protagonist?
“I hope the audience won’t hoot Inzaghi, but instead give him a big round of applause, as he has made the team grow in recent years. It’s a game with many motivations, Sarri needs to start showing that his ideas and his football project are yielding results. For Lazio that could be a turning point. Losing would be one more blow. I wouldn’t want it to be like with Juve, when he said the players didn’t understand him. “

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