Forget Bled. Five places not to be missed in Slovenia

1. Big mountain

Three fairly thorough visits to Slovenia revealed many beautiful places to me. One of the most beautiful is the large mountain pasture Velika Planina. Located on the northern border of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, in fact very close to Bled, it is an ideal place for all those who want to enjoy the green meadows with the mountain peaks.

In summer, the Velika Planina serves its primary purpose, namely as a pasture for cows, hundreds of which roam freely. The magical atmosphere of the whole place is complemented by wooden shepherds. In some, tourists can buy dairy products, such as fresh cheese, while others serve as accommodation. And often quite luxurious in the style of glamping. Waking up to the first rays of the sun while the bells are ringing can be really nice.

Local shepherds sell milk and cheese.

Photo: Michael arcvarc, News

2. Logarska dolina

If you are a fan of kitsch mountain view, be smart. One of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Slovenia, where you can satisfy your desire, is Logarska dolina. Like Velika planina, it belongs to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and is located right on the northern border with Austria. It is a relatively remote location, where there are few houses, but full of flowering meadows.

One of the main attractions of the Logar Valley is the second highest Slovenian waterfall, Rinka, 90 meters high. It may be a little busier here at the time, but otherwise the valley is quiet and empty.

Logarska dolina is full of flowering meadows in early summer.

Photo: Michael arcvarc, News

You can also see the Logar Valley from above if you start the panoramic Solčava trail. The most beautiful place is one of the local farms, which is located on a sloping hill surrounded by forest. In the background the panorama is completed by mountains.

3. Goriška Brda

Slovenian Tuscany. Such a nickname is incredibly appropriate for the Goriška Brda area. The area may owe it to its rolling hilly nature and to the ubiquitous vineyards, which attract not only wine lovers but also cyclists.

Goriška Brda is located in the Slovenian Primorje right next to the Italian border, thanks to the relative proximity of the sea there is a warm and sunny climate. However, if you want to avoid the heat, head here in early fall. Not only because of the temperatures but also because of the colors.

Sunset over the vineyards near the town of Smartno.

Photo: Michael arcvarc, News

At the lookout tower, located near the small village of artmartno, I saw perhaps one of the most beautiful and golden sunsets in life. As this was my first visit to Slovenia at that time, that was reason enough for me to want to return to this country.

4. Lake Bohinj

Although Bled is the most famous lake in Slovenia, Bohinj is the largest. It is also relatively popular with tourists, but is much less influenced by culture, and therefore more pristine. The glacial lake is over four kilometers long and at its widest point is 1,200 meters wide, in summer it can cool down here, the water tends to be around twenty degrees.

Lake Bohinj is the largest in Slovenia.


In addition, there are other impressive stops around the lake. It is, for example, the old stone bridge with the church of Ag. John the Baptist from the 13th century. Natural sights include Savica Falls. Although not as tall as the reported Rinka Falls in the Logar Valley, it rises again from the rock. The water from the lake that supplies it flows through underground passages.

5. Maribor

Anyone heading to Croatia during their summer vacation is likely to pass through Slovenia’s second largest city, Maribor. Due to the local university it is a student center, it is full of monuments and the like.

By far the most important, however, is the world’s oldest vineyard, which still bears fruit. The so-called old trta is supposed to have been planted more than 400 years ago and is also listed in the Guinness Book of Records. However, you will not taste wine from it, it is only given as a gift, for example, to important political figures and other personalities.

The oldest vineyard in the world grows in Maribor.


However, you can drink any other wine, because Maribor is the center of one of the three wine-producing regions of Slovenia – Podrávska.

If you drive about an hour to Murská Sobota, you will reach the Ormož area of ​​Jerusalem with the central village of Jerusalem. It is a similarly important location to Goriška Brda, which also suits autumn weather. Even on a cloudy day, fog rises from the vines.

Near Maribor is also one of the most famous roads in Slovenia. It leads through vineyards and has a heart shape. If you want to see it, head to the village of Špičnik.

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