four days with great esports at Lucca Comics!

The lights of the cathedral are on again Athletic Cathedral who, in the evocative setting of the San Romano Auditorium at Lucca Comics & Games from October 29 to November 1, will experience four days of adrenaline and fun with the Tormenta di Valorant track finals, the Pokémon Lucca Party and many more!

Expected at Lucca Comics & Games (we remind you all the events of the exhibition) the best players on the national scene, ready to play in CATHEDRAL SPORTS the evocative medieval church of San Romano – which on the occasion of Event Lucca will host it Italian Esports Open by ESL, for four exciting days of competitive gaming, in full compliance with all applicable regulations for live events and protecting the health of all attendees.

Luigi will talk about the finals, the panels and the exclusive tournaments “.David“Ragoni, host, caster and historical figure of the Italian gaming scene.

The October 29and to open the doors of the Cathedral and the Italian Esports Open – after a brief presentation of the planned events over the course of 4 days – there will be an exciting online cup watching party. “Solo Crank Arena“At Fortnite! To put it bluntly from the Tuscan scene, there will be some of the most famous faces in the Fortnite community panorama: Marcy, Kekkomboba, He Dt μι Porcucio that will convey the emotions of the challenges that will involve players from home and win the “Solo Crank Arena” 2021!

The October 30 Esport Cathedral will experience a full day of Pokémon-themed performances, the Pokémon Lucca Party with the Pokémon Millennium community. We will start with a special invitation to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield (have you already read our review of the Pokémon Sword and Shield?) for the Nintendo Switch with PadoVGC, MatteoAgostiniVGC, DesuVGC and Francesco Pardini, and then continuing with Pokémon Unite in which Dario Moccia, Froz3n and Poketonx, three talents from the world of Pokémon will form equal numbers with their fans to reach the sound of goals and get the most coveted Pokémon medal from the Trainers.

During the day, moreover, Pokémon will be protagonists in other moments of entertainment and shows, to the delight of their big and small fans, with a moment of study dedicated to the following titles Pokémon Shining Diamond, Shiny pearl μι Pokémon Legends: Arceus, coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. The whole day for all the fans of the Pokémon community will be broadcast live on Pokémon Millennium Twitch Channel.

The October 31 a storm will break out at Lucca Comics & Games: for the first time at the Tuscan event, in fact, there will be VALORANT, Riot Games’ regular 5vs5 shooter and its amateur championship, the Storm circuit. The two finalists of the tournament will enter Luca “Lucca in the area“- faced on stage in a spectacular Best of 5 – and to collect points that apply to the overall standings of the 2022 season of the Tormenta Circuit. To” celebrate “the event on stage will be the two faces of the league, Roberto” .Slimo“Zappia and Giacomo”Jack“Podestà, was loved and appreciated by all Italian fans of Valorant. To join the Valorant community, just follow Twitch channel in Agents Range along with the social networks Instagram and Twitter.

Also on 31 October, the “Battle of Barons Luke“, The most important appointment of his Tormenta Circuit Legion of Legends, which will see the final of the qualifiers that will be held from 18 to 31 October, with the comment of Juannetti and AceRoxas, two young people but already tested in other international products League of Legends brought to the Italian stage by PG Esports.

The November 1Finally, the Clash Royale Lucca Showdown, consisting of 3 tournaments: the first, a Bo1, between Professional Players Federico “Prince” Principi, Davide “DavideRooney” Barone, Mattia “Mattiaa” De Simoni and Marco “Fizzo” Chiappa. This is followed by Bo1 between Ferre, Kekkobomba, Jok3r, Gigi, to end with the final that a wild Bo3 will experience between mixed teams Talent and Pro Player!

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