From zero to 13 years old, from kindergarten to high school this is how bilingual students grow up in Turin

BETTER, elementary and high school and kindergarten and kindergarten POPPY, offer our children the opportunity to grow up according to a bilingual school course. We discuss this with founder Monica Fronduti.
Q.what is your story and philosophy that inspires you?
“We were born in 2012. We quickly gained the trust of the Turin families. to date we have over 450 children and girls and boys and girls in our various schools. Our philosophy is based on an Italian English bilingual curriculum from 0 to 13 years old. In fact, bilingualism today represents a fundamental element in education and development. In our facilities, bilingualism is a “fact”. About half of the teaching takes place in English (mother tongue teachers). But bilingualism is now just a “starting point” for us. We propose a careful and detailed educational program to raise young, attentive and sensitive citizens of the world, laying a very strong cultural foundation for the future. “

The fear of many young people: do you study a lot?
“You study with commitment, passion and seriousness in a peaceful and often” fun “atmosphere. “Every boy has his talents and we must give him the strength to make them mature and flourish.”
Two words for each school?
“Attention and care in kindergarten are the prerequisites for a proper emotional, psychological and spiritual development. Pay close attention to every sign of our children for a joint trip with families.
“At MATERNA POPPY he ρThe bilingual course is encouraging and full of ideas. Children begin to approach 5 years of writing / reading and calculating with the Bortolato method. Workshops, extra activities, parties, guided experiences, outings and trips enrich our children’s daysThe
«In the elementary school BEST begins to get worse. Stimulation and participation of a bilingual teaching path, with some less traditional activities such as chess, computers, animation (we participate every year in the Sotto18 Festival), Cambridge Certifications. And as much as you can, travel and educational activities outside of school, and for longer stays abroad.
“Althe BEST Middle School the boys are ready to bloom. They come in from elementary school children and become, together with us, boys. Autonomous, passionate, curious, ready to challenge knowledge and comparison. With a multidisciplinary bilingual program that aims at the effective consolidation of concepts and concepts, developing, on the one hand, the ability to automatically reprocess courses and, on the other hand, the ability to expose and transmit content in an exceptional way. Every student is equipped with a laptop, because tomorrow’s challenge includes the “new” tools. From this year we move on to two sections of secondary education and introduce a very important innovation (see Box on the leftoutside)”.
What do you expect for the beginning of the year?
«Τdesire to be together, to study, to have fun. And take back our world. And, here and there, maybe to change it a bitμι “.

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