Frozen confession of a Vlhová ski star about hate: I collapsed!

It wasn’t a breakup for good. Petra Vlhová (26) and her ex-boyfriend Livio Magoni (58) bark like dogs. At the start of the new season, the Slovakian world ski star has now described in her autobiography how much she can torment her with the stubborn Italian, under whose leadership she has sensationalized a large crystal globe. On body and soul.

“The first three years with Magoni were amazing. He showed me a new world, how the best work. Gradually, however, it started to deteriorate and last season was a massacre,” the native of Liptovský Mikuláš confided in the book “Petra”. But they ate each other too much and said to each other at best: “Bye.”

And they shot each other. “It’s like an iron. Italians are diamonds,” said the coach. The harsh statements came back to him now like a boomerang. “If I continue with him, I will last a maximum of two years and I will finish skiing”, Vlhová revealed. “Either I burned, I shredded my body, or I would just be disgusted with skiing.”

The universal skier was on the brink of power under Magoni. “He took me as a machine and not as a woman with feelings and his days. He was never satisfied. He hurt me and the people on the team. It was sick. didn’t have a closer relationship with him. He refused. I wasn’t good enough for him. “ regretted.

The Italian prepared the biggest disappointment for her just days after the successful mega-season. “I had a press conference at Bratislava Castle, after which I slept with a friend in Trenčín. In the morning I read the news on my cell phone and suddenly saw the headline: Petra ne s ‘will improve more, she doesn’t have it in her DNA. I clicked on the article and at first I didn’t understand what it meant. I opened it in the original. It was about from an interview with Magoni for the daily Corriere della Sera in Italian. I had it translated and read everything, “ she said.

What followed would not even wish for the worst enemy. “I collapsed mentally. I screamed for about three hours, it couldn’t be stopped. I called my brother to be done with Livie! I cursed terribly on the phone. At that point, I hated him because he spoiled all the joy of the big globe “, added the competitor, who finished third behind Shiffrinová and Gutová in this year’s first race in Sölden.

Petra Vlhová in Sölden

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