Gardaland Magic Halloween. A terrifying culinary experience begins on October 6

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Starting from Friday, October 6 come back Gardaland Magic Halloweenthe appointment monstrous joke of Gardaland Resort designed in two versions: the first with i Scary Fridayevery Friday from 17.00 to 22.00, dedicated to the most daring and runners-up, every Saturday and Sundayfor families with children of all ages.

The themed fun will already begin Welcome display with the “Black crows” the dance floor of the Gardaland Resort which, for the occasion, will be reserved for the Guests two surprises engaging them in a terrifying performance.

Along the avenues of the Park there will be many moments of fun from Scary Zone bounded areas infested with zombies, monsters, and terrifying creatures that double as corners horror themed makeup until monster touring bands et al Trick or treat: hunt for the last sweet.

Don’t miss the dates with the new and exciting themed shows starting from Buffalo Stage with Windigo in the Fantasy theater with the eclectic Wondy and the magic potion until Gardaland Theatre where, in addition to the new Nautilus live show, a themed show will also be staged: Midnight, Duke Time.

The Magic Halloween event promises to be just that real culinary adventure between Sausages in the shape of fingers, haunted apples, desserts with monster eyes, donuts with monstrous vampire teeth, cookies in the strangest shapes and long sticks of marshmallows to the infernal aperitif with magical Dark Mojito filters served in pumpkin-shaped glasses. eatdelicious praise!

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