Gardaland, reopens the amusement park with the new Legoland water park

The most famous amusement park in Italy, Gardaland is ready to open for the new season with absolute safety. The park will open its gates in April – as soon as the authorities allow it – and next month, after waiting exactly one year, the new Legoland Water Park Gardaland will finally open.

The the first Lego park in Italy and first the Legoland Water Park in Europe dedicated to the famous bricks was supposed to open on May 29, 2020, but it did not. So the wait is very strong. Visitors to Legoland will encounter the Lego River Adventure, a stream that will cross much of the water park area and can travel on adaptable inflatable boats.

The path inside Legoland will pass through an evocative cave with underwater scenery and skirt Miniland, the area that houses about a hundred of the most famous Italian monuments, all made of colored bricks.

The area is more suitable for summer Beach party, with play areas and colorful slides. Among them, cannons that spray water from every angle and the large bucket mounted on the tower. The area Lego creation island will be dedicated especially to younger children. Another attraction will be Double splashing with many slides as well as those found in Jungle Adventures. The attraction Pirate Bay, with its large pool, will eventually be the perfect place for the whole family to swim, cool off or just relax.

Lots of news that visitors will also find in Gardaland Park. Taking advantage of the many months of closure, in fact, some attractions have been renovated and there will be new ones.

The new tracks have replaced his original tracks Shaman, so as to improve the experience on the park ‘s first train, built in 1984. Although the route has not changed, the improvements will allow for a more fluid, smooth and immersive flight. In addition, the attraction columns have a theme to make the experience even more spectacular.

There was no lack of restoration and decoration works – strictly handmade – of the two attractions for children, DoremiFarm μι FunnyExpressAnd to increase the comfort of visitors on board Blue tornado and to enhance their “flight” experience, the seat was made more comfortable with a special upholstery on the ear cushions and seats.

Finally, the attraction Volaplan is ready to reappear in a new form: the planes return to “fly” to the Fantasy Kingdom and, according to the great innovation of 2021, the structure that ignores the departure of the planes will be repainted with colors reminiscent of the world of LEGO.

Once the green light for indoor exhibitions arrives, there will be a new show Wonder Woman – The 4D Experience, an adaptation of the movie history, enhanced by exceptional effects and the use of special glasses, which will shoot down the viewers in the adventurous world of the most famous Amazon in the cinema. But in Gardaland there will also be outdoor shows like “44 Cats Rock Show”, which was very popular with children last year.

The maximum attention on the part of Gardaland will of course be devoted to safety. The protocol developed last year worked (no infection was recorded among visitors) and will continue to be implemented in 2021 with the addition of further improvements. Among the measures taken: restriction of daily imports, mandatory booking of date of access to the park, distances and sewerage, to which this year is added the improvement of the QODA application for queue management and access to attractions.

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