Garwolin – Monika Mazurek and Anna Liszewska received the award from the Marshal


The fourth edition of the competition for the “ Scholarship Holder of the Year 2020/2021” is behind us. Of the teachers who looked after the Marshal’s scholarship students last year, 36 were selected. No fewer than 7 of them teach in schools in the Siedlce sub-region. Today the winners received the prizes from Marshal Adam Struzik and Elżbieta Lanc, a member of the board of directors of Mazowieckie Voivodeship, and Krzysztof Skolimowski, chairman of the Regional Commission for Education, Science and Higher Education.

Caring for gifted students is a unique chapter in an educator’s work, Marshal Adam Struzik noted. – It not only entails a huge responsibility, but also comes with extra time that the teacher spends working with his/her student and the ability to inspire children and young people to gain knowledge. It is really about crossing borders together, looking for new solutions and messages. Going beyond the standard educational process. Without effort and commitment there is no effect, therefore people who love and passionately do something for others should be rewarded.

The “Scholarship Guardian 2020/2021” competition was attended by teachers, school educators and career counselors who provided didactic care to scholarship holders who carried out education projects under two Mazovian local government scholarship programs – “Mazovian Scholarship Program for Particularly Gifted Students – The Best Investment in people” and “Mazowsze – scholarships for students of vocational schools”) in the past school year.

As noted by Elżbieta Lanc, the board member of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the competition is a good summary of last year’s edition of these two scholarship projects for particularly gifted students from Mazovia. – Scholarships are a reward for the best students for their work and great knowledge. But also teachers and supervisors of these very talented young people who accompany them every day on this journey through the world of knowledge also deserve an award.

Competition committee, attended by representatives of the school board of education and the self-government training centers of Mazovia, among others, selected 36 winners. Among them were also teachers from Garwolin, Siedlce, Sadowne and Mińsk Mazowiecki. Each of the distinguished teachers received a financial award of PLN 3,000. zloty.


Krzysztof Skolimowski, the chairman of the Regional Commission for Education, Science and Higher Education, adds that the cooperation between teachers and students is an extremely important aspect in education: – This mutual correlation is a guarantee of success. Gifted young people in particular need the support of the teaching staff to achieve very good results in science and to take the lead in competitions or knowledge Olympics.

At the gala, several scholarship holders presented their winning projects, including: “A Drop of Water – A Chronicle of Life on Earth”, “Learning About the Surrounding Micro and Macro World. Being Open to Other Cultures Through the Communication Barrier of the English Language” , “Social Insurance Institution, PIT and BTW – it’s easy”, “I cook, decorate, I don’t waste food” and” Rubik’s Cube robot “.



Siedlce region

1. Monika Mazurek, Catholic high school for them. Cypriot Kamil Norwid in Garwolin

2. Justyna Troć, primary school no. 4 for them. Adam Mickiewicz in Siedlce


Siedlce region

1. Anna Liszewska, school complex No. 2 for them. Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Garwolin

2. Elżbieta Replińska, Complex of Secondary Schools No. 2 for them. M. Kopernika in Siedlce

3. Elżbieta Rukat, secondary school complex in Sadowne

4. Małgorzata Stosio, Complex of secondary schools No. 5 for them. General Wladyslaw Sikorski in Siedlce

5. Magdalena Idycka, High School of Fine Arts. EM Andriolli in Mińsk Mazowiecki

photo: ZS no. 2

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