Gladiators encourage you to conduct preventive surveys

The Association of Men with Prostate Diseases “Gladiator” has launched a campaign to promote preventive screening in men. Flyers and other information material were distributed on Artystów Square under the slogan “Simply THIS thing. Explore for yourself”.

Janusz Marszycki, president of the organization, emphasizes that, despite many campaigns encouraging this form of prophylaxis, too few men use it.

– Every day 15 men die of prostate cancer. To avoid this, you need to undergo preventive examinations. For this, it is enough to visit a urologist once a year. Since we have the car overhauled every year so it can be driven, why can’t we take care of our health in the same way? Prevention is the foundation of our health – added Janusz Marszycki.

Adam Jarubas, Member of the European Parliament, joined the campaign. As he recalled, November was recognized around the world as the month of solidarity with men struggling with prostate cancer.

– Urologist Prof. Piotr Chłosta once said that after the pandemic with which the whole world is now struggling, the real pandemic of the 21st century will be a pandemic of urological and oncological diseases in men. That’s why we fight for every man in the world to have equal access to prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment – added Adam Jarubas.

The next meeting to encourage preventive examinations will be held this Thursday, October 28 in the administrative building of the Świętokrzyskie Cancer Center at Artwińskiego 3c. Admission is free from 2.30pm.

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