Global failure. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram not working

  • From approx. 18 Polish time users have problems with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Popular social networking sites do not refresh their content and their websites are not accessible. Many people can’t log into their account at all
  • It is unknown how long the problems will last. It is also unknown what caused the outage and how serious it is
  • Both Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp have made short statements
  • Internet users began to inform themselves en masse on Twitter about the outage
  • More such stories can be found on the main page of

Mike Schroepfer, chief technology officer, commented on the situation. “We apologize to everyone affected by the Facebook service outage,” he wrote on Twitter.

“We are experiencing network issues and teams are working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue and restore services as quickly as possible,” he added.

Not Working – Led by Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger. Messages are not arriving on WhatsApp. It is also impossible to add new stories and photos on Instagram. More than 50 thousand people showed up in just ten minutes. crash reports – tells DownDetector. Most reports come from a home page that no longer works:

Photo: Press materials

Crash reports on Facebook

The media points out that today’s failure comes after the whistleblower’s Sunday interview for US CBS television. Francis Haugen, a former employee of the company, revealed disturbing information about Facebook’s activities. Among other things, she said: about the lack of attention to safety. – There was a conflict of interest between this, co it was good for users, and what was good for Facebook (…) and Facebook all the time chose to act in its own favor, like making more money — she said.

Haugen also has documents that she has passed on not only to the media but also to the services. They should strike at Facebook’s stance that the company is making a significant contribution to the fight against disinformation and hatred.

Crash – Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp not working

Facebook confirmed significant problems with its services via its Twitter account on Monday. The platform has confirmed that their Facebook is down, but says it is working to get everything back to normal as soon as possible:

Instagram asks its users to be patient:

“We are working to get everything back to normal and will update here as soon as possible,” added WhatsApp, which was bought out in 2014 for $16 billion. via Facebook:

The article continues below the video

Andy Stone, Facebook’s communications director, wrote on Twitter: “We are aware that some people are currently having issues with WhatsApp. We are working to get everything back to normal and will update here as soon as possible.”

Edward Snowden referred to the case on Twitter. A former US intelligence officer stated that Facebook’s crash “made the world a healthier”.

The World Health Organization posted a video on Twitter to remind people to keep wearing masks.

It is unknown how long application problems will last. It is also not known what caused the outage or how serious it is.

According to DownDetector, Facebook shares fell about 6 percent on the stock exchange.

Nowadays, not only Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have problems.

Malfunction. Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are also down

The outage is also being reported by users of Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. All mobile services are currently unavailable. Users say their smartphones only work with Wi-Fi and cannot connect to the Internet via mobile data.

Mobile crashes happen minutes after Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp also crash.

Another Facebook Crash

This isn’t the first Facebook crash in the past week. Last Thursday, some users were able to read the following message: “Sorry, something went wrong. We are working on it and will fix it as soon as possible.” Internet users in Europe, North America, Australia and India had problems. The problem disappeared as soon as it occurred. However, the whole situation has ignited Internet users who are eager to comment on the current failure.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp not working

Also on April 8, popular social networks – Facebook, Messenger and Instagram – stopped working. On Twitter, users informed about the failures of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram via submissions and hashtags. After just over 10 minutes, access to the platforms was restored, although some still reported issues.

An equally serious outage occurred in December 2020. At that time, problems with logging in and sending messages were reported by users from the West Coast of the US, Europe and the Far East. In Poland alone, 12 thousand problems were reported. people. Internet users complained that the messages arrived too late or not at all.

It is currently unknown what caused the outage. However, it was removed within six hours. Interestingly, the failure of Facebook and Messenger then coincided with a marked increase in the number of reports about mobile operators in Poland.

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