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ISSA Polska – The Association for the Security of Information Systems, is an organization whose aim is to promote knowledge about the security of information systems and to promote rules and practices that guarantee confidentiality, integrity , non-repudiation and availability of information resources not only in Poland, but also worldwide.

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ISSA Polska is a section (branch) of ISSA International, which has more than 12,000 members, mainly in the United States, but also in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and South America. The aim of the ISSA, non-profit associations, is to promote the security community’s global cooperation to protect society from security threats, especially in cyberspace. The Association’s mission is carried out by organizing conferences, seminars, workshops and seminars devoted to the issues of information systems security.

Specialists active in the field of cybersecurity are familiar with and willingly participate in events organized by ISSA Polska, such as Semafor conference. Members of the Association enjoy discounts to participate in these popular events, and the more active have the opportunity to listen to interesting lectures for free. Those interested in the development of the law can actively participate in the development, development and voicing of opinions on the standards of solutions in this area. Last year, in cooperation with other associations, a model for auditing the national cybersecurity system was developed, which was adopted by the Ministry of Digitization as a model. In addition, ISSA is a respected and trusted resource and advisor on information security technology, education, standards and regulations. Professionally active members of the Association have access to up-to-date information on emerging security threats and data on important fixes to information systems.

Promising young members can apply for scholarships to study at renowned US universities using funds accumulated in the ISSA Education Foundation.

For many years, ISSA Polska has stood out in the international environment of IT security experts as an organization active in the field of security, which was appreciated by ISSA International by awarding for the third time to ISSA Polska the title of “Chapter of the Year” in 2021. In addition, two members of ISSA Polska received individual awards: Adam Danieluk was named honorary member (honor roll) and the title of volunteer of the year was awarded to Francesco Chiarini.

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