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Throughout the week, politicians and managers stand at the Gnesta commuter train station handing out leaflets with the text ‘The best summer job in the world’, which Södermanlands Nyheter was the first to say. In this way, the municipal management hopes to obtain more summer substitutes for elderly care and LSS activities.

Difficult situation before the holidays


One of those who distributed the leaflets is Patrik Rosin, who is chief of operations for administration and social administration assistance at Gnesta. He explains the idea as follows:

– We have a general challenge. We need more auxiliary nurses. We see that over time we need more. That’s how we thought when we did that.

“Very important work”

Do you see any problems picking up people directly from the street?

– There is always a risk that it will be perceived as less important work. What we’ve done to bridge that is that it’s been all the managers that have stood there and our chair of the committee. We always take the opportunity to talk to those to whom we distribute notes. They therefore understand that we are senior executives or politicians and that there is weight in the message we give. This is very important work and when you access this link on the note we describe it in more detail.

The leaflets that managers and politicians distribute in Gnesta.

He does not know exactly how many the leaflets took, but several requests have been received.

The municipal employee was in contact with the North section of Kommunal, which organizes the municipalities of Gnesta, but they would not comment on the distribution of leaflets.

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