Golf meeting. Rulik et al. they had interviews with NHL players. Central theme: WC in Prague

“The national team has a new implementation team. Coach Radim Rulík knows some of the NHL guys, but he’s never spoken to some of them personally before, and that’s why we wanted to organize such an informal meeting with the Czech NHL players, have a good day, play golf and have a little fun with each of them”, quotes the press release from the union of the general manager of the national team, Petr Nedved.

Four goalkeepers, five defenders and thirteen attackers arrived at Beroun. Union President Alois Hadamczik and Union General Secretary Jan Černý also arrived. “I think the event was a great success and we were very pleasantly surprised by the large number of players,” says Nedvěd, who claims that 90% of participating hockey players are amateur golfers. The course located just outside Prague was therefore ideal. meeting place.

After the golf, there were short individual meetings with each of the players. “The whole implementation team was always present at these sessions, mainly led by Radim Rulík, but the rest of us also joined the discussion depending on our feelings. As for the goalkeepers, Ondra Pavelec had a lot to say. In the case of defenders, Marek Židlický spoke more and so on,” said the general manager, who returned to the national team after a one-year hiatus.

The 2023/2024 season will culminate with the world championships in Prague and Ostrava, and this was also one of the topics of the interviews with the players.

“However, the main outcome of the meetings was that we wish all players a successful injury-free season and success in the NHL playoffs. The NHL is a priority and we heard that in every conversation. ‘after the number we got together it was clear that the boys perceive the season to be exceptional. Although it’s still a long way off, I can say that it felt like if the boys’ season didn’t go to plan and their team didn’t make it to the NHL playoffs, they would be very interested in representing. We will also be in contact with the players during the season, but I am very happy that such a meeting has been organized and that we have combined the pleasant with the useful, so to speak,” said Nedvěd.

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