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A small revolution is underway. Google announced yesterday that it will register 150 million users by the end of 2021, requiring them to have automatic two-step authentication. It will also force two million YouTube users to log in in the same mode, known in the computer world by the acronym 2SV (2-Step Verification).

By taking such a step, Google claims that two-step verification is the best way to keep users safe. The strength of this technology is that it links two elements together. The first is the password known to the user of the service, and the second is the additional item they have, such as a smartphone or a security key. In the first case, by selecting the appropriate option on the smartphone, the user confirms that it is he who wishes to connect to the service, and not, for example, the person who suspected his password.

Google boasts that in addition to the two-step verification requirement, it also takes other steps to keep users safe. For example, it checks whether the billions of passwords supported by the password manager are really safe and that none of them have fallen into the hands of an unauthorized person.

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Google is also working on another solution that will enhance user security. This will be a new feature that will give you access to all passwords saved in the password manager directly from the menu of the Google app.

This year, Google wants to offer additional protection to several thousand users of the so-called risk by working with organizations that will provide them with free security keys. The company recently launched One Tap and a new family of APIs that confirm user identities, called Google Identity Services. They use secure tokens instead of passwords to manage user login operations to partner sites on apps like Reddit and Pinterest.

These are innovative services that guide the development of this type of device. They protect users from threats like vulnerabilities, hackers catching clicks or tracking pixels in computer graphics.

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