Gossip October 17, 2021: all the news today

All the main gossip news today Sunday 17 October 2021

Ida Platano goes out with Marcello Messina: the reaction of Riccardo Guarnieri

Riccardo Guarnieri, former protagonist of the throne overMen and women, in the official magazine of the Maria De Filippi program, confides his thoughts on dating between ex-girlfriend Ida Platano and Marcello Messina:

I wish Dad the best, I have many memories from our history. Seeing her interact with other men does not leave me indifferent but neither does it bother me. Dad is still a woman with whom I have also shared beautiful things. I have negative and positive memories from our story, I was very much in love with her but today when I see her there I do not feel any discomfort but on the contrary I am happy for her. From what I see on TV, it looks drawn. However, I believe that the couple’s relationship also consists of compromises and that the dad sometimes pulls a lot […] I have the freedom to advise the dad not to make the same mistakes as before.

Miriana Trevisan in Big Brother Vip 6: the reaction of I pay

Pago, ex-wife of Miriana Trevisan, entered the house of “Big Brother Vip 6” last week, to surprise her, in an interview with the weekly “Nuovo”, explained the relationship between gieffina and her son Nicola:

She is used to having our son away, as I really am … So far Nicola is with me even for several weeks in a row during the year […] I hope this experience is full of lightness and fun.

Antonio Zequila interested in Sophie Codegoni? The gossip

Antonio Zekila, rival of the fourth edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, on the microphones of “Trends & Celebrities”, the broadcast of Rtl 102.5 News conducted by Francesco Fredella and Simone Palmieri, revealed that he would be ready to return home. Sophie codegoni the ideal woman to fall in love with:

Sophie Codegon? I must say that it is very beautiful, it moves the hormone a lot. I can not live without love: I am a Capricorn ascending Scorpio, how could I be without passion?

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