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Another big hit for the review Salt in the pumpkin with the well-known cabaret artist Alberto Patrucco, who presented the book before a very large and attentive audience ABBRASSENS. A real theater performance dedicated to Georges Brassensa unique artist, gifted with unparalleled genius and irony.

A book resulting from Alberto Patrucco’s intense and fascinating journey between the words and music of the French singer, a journey that highlights the amazing harmony with the present and which, despite the times, still gives us topical issues today. It is an unmistakable style, elegant and refined. A meticulous and rigorous poetic form, where there is no trace of meticulous technique and no display of the author’s vast cultural baggage. His very personal and undeniable ironic quality hovers over every word and note, an irony that is sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle and to be discovered.

Presented by the journalist Claudio Porchia, The artistic director of the festival, Alberto Patrucco entertained the audience with his words alternating with melodies and songs of the French singer.

The book, as required by the formula of this edition, was paired with a wine made available and brought for tasting in collaboration with the winery San Steve by Marco Risso. Coupled with a book dedicated to a libertarian and against the tide like Brassen which is his best wine Syraha variety of black grapes spread throughout the world, but historically associated with the Mediterranean region. A red wine with a revolutionary and non-conformist character, like Brassens, “tamed” with 24 months of aging French oak barrels.

“Also for this year, we believe that we have managed to propose interesting meetings in both July and August – adds the Tourist Advisor Francis Benz –. we did not want to miss moments of fun and culture for the many tourists who have come and will come to our country in the coming days. Riva Ligure has a great tourist inclination and a strong connection with culture. The philosophy underlying the event since its first edition is not the simple presentation of a book, but the comparison with the issues of our time, with lived experiences and different visions of the world. The bond with the region is strong and the exhibition represents a great opportunity to promote our best culinary and wine excellence.”

The review will continue in August with this calendar:

• 28 Monday evening dedicated to Moscatello di Taggia with a party that will tell the story of this wine and offer a taste not only in the glass, but also in delicious culinary preparations.

• 31 Thursday Valerio Massimo Visintin presents his latest book “Behind the Stars” with readings by actress Cristina Sarti and will lead the audience to discover what lies behind the world of the stars of the famous French guide.

All appointments take place at 21.15 in Piazza Matteotti with free entry.

“Sale in Zucca” is promoted by the Municipality of Riva Ligure with its support Marina degli Aregai Resosrt, Cantine San Steva and the contribution of Banca Caraglio

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