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What is happening with Manolas Socrates and the National Defense Plan. The federal coach is preparing his team for the two important challenges with Georgia and Sweden and what we are going to see is very interesting. Who will play and who… has wronged the Dutch coach.

The Greek team: the end of the world, behind the scenes but also… the control of the “Mitchis” of the Greek national team of Van Schep. His recent decision to play 3 teams in defense for the next two games, the test breaks he had in mind,… his Dutch obsession with naming Stavelides… the blind, his controversial choice not to recall Bocho’s center .micrometer But his alternative (!), The easy “dilemma” between Bogoras / Safrana for “Anti Kyriakos” and Alanvar with Nikolao, Gotha

– Van Schep has decided in Georgia and Sweden matches that he will play with three teams in defense. Of course, this does not mean that they will all be classic defenders because we can inevitably see them as left stoppers from Stafilidis to Giannoulis and right stoppers… Saliakas!

– Tzavelas / Hatzidiakos / Mavropanos will be the main defensive team for the Dutch voter, at least in the first game on Saturday against Georgia. One of the team leaders loves Blue and White and despite his suffering and harassment, there is no reason for him to be absent or have protective ulterior motives because of… AEK. “Dry” will hold his teeth and give everything to the Patriot and … Van Sheep.

– It shouldn’t be impressive that the Dutch manager places / insists on Kostas Stavelidis in the set of stoppers at national testing. I remind you that even before, before the 28-year-old got injured, about a year ago, he was using a left stop again. It is not an experience but an inspiration / version of the aforementioned national team of his country (Holland), where the blind are “baptized” by a left rear and a left plug …

– The strange thing is that Van Schep brought the “staff” back to his calls, from the moment he moved from Hoffenheim to Bochum and… he should ring. And I should write it down because although it has 4 messages – one as a key – but it’s only 165 minutes! But where … the strange in the tastes of the Dutch voter? Van Schep contacted Stavelidis again and considered it a stop, when his last teammate in Bochum was Vassilis Lampropoulos, the former defender playing five minutes, in the first 7 Bundesliga games (he still has 65 minutes to get to play in the cup). That is to say that Van Schep did not invite Bochum’s main stopper to the Greek team, but his alternative !! Unreasonable However, the Shipiko …

– Kyriakos Papadopoulos suffered a fracture and was cut by an ethnic group, because the technical team urgently requested a stopper, despite the start of the team’s preparation. And the explanation is simple: with a system with three stops, it is impossible to put another classic on the seat! Somehow, late last night Achille Pougouras was warned by phone that he would be included in the “blue and white band” with which he was not involved, but was found in the call.

– Instead of Bogoras, like “against Kyriakos”, that is to say it was possible to call Gota with four goals, which in general… breaks them in Turkey with Sivaspor. Van Schep clearly remembers his Premier League appearances with Atromitos and hasn’t gone mad. Michailidis could have come from Elpidon, but the team has already come from Greece.

– Basically, the last call between Bogora-Sfarna and his good presence in the “Karaiskakis” derby was played in favor of the “green” cap. Svarnas being a regular AEK replacement and usually when he comes in he plays as a right-back. Of course, the football / merit logic says that normally the call should go to left keeper Dimitris Nicolau (seven minutes 90 with Spezia in Serie A), but it is clear that Van Schep does not see or like the Italian league. . For Manolas / Socrates, what is valid is known and does not fit into the table. With this technical and administrative leadership within the European Patent Office …

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