GrubSona concert to open the “Curious of the world” Festival [KONKURS]

The “Curious of the World” Cultures and Travel Festival is approaching. GrubSon – a leading rapper from the Polish hip-hop scene will perform as part of the opening ceremony of the event.

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The GrubSon concert is scheduled for Wednesday (8:10 p.m.). On this day, the “Curious of the world” festival will officially begin.

GrubSon’s performance is not accidental, his hit “On the Top” is a kind of festival hymn. This track broke the record for views on YouTube as it was the first hip-hop track with over 100 million views.

“On the Top” is a work born out of the artist’s personal drama. As GrubSon himself says, the song is a tribute to all the dead – friends and complete strangers.

– The play is about life and death, pain and hope, desire and love. All of this affects us directly, so we identify with it. I wrote this play after a personal tragedy. I think what strikes people is honesty. This is what makes me believe that music must be lived. That it cannot be fully calculated. Popular numbers that reach the masses aren’t just factory-designed hits – the artist told magazine.

GrubSon is a producer, rapper, singer. His performances are very popular and are always a musical event. During concert tours, the artist has traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers. He has gold and platinum albums to his credit. In 2017, his last and at the same time the most important album of his career was released, “Gatunek L”, which was nominated for Fryderyk in the Hip Hop Album of the Year category. He has performed in the following groups: 3oda Kru, Siła-Z-Pokoju and Super Grupa.

The concert will take place on Wednesday (20.10) at 19:00.

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