Hackers took control of Russian printers and printed information about the war in Ukraine on them – Biznes Wprost

The GhostSec group, operating as part of the Anonymous collective, has already seized more than 100 Russian government and military printers, and there will be more in the coming days. Hackers print messages there with the following content:

This is not your war. This is your government’s war. We lie to your brothers and sisters. Soldiers from some military units think they are in formation. But when they achieve their goal, which is to be a drill, they are met by bloodthirsty Ukrainians who want revenge for the destruction of their land that Putin’s puppets have inflicted on them. Some of them think they will go down in history, making the world a better place when they take part in the invasion of Ukraine. Brethren, open your eyes. Glory to Ukraine! God bless Ukrainians and Russians. Let the Russian government live what Ukrainians have to live every day. »

Anonymous declared war on Russia

The collective Anonymous has declared a digital war against Russia after launching an invasion of Ukraine, encouraging other hacker groups to take action. Initially, hackers boasted that they managed to “remove” Russian websites from the Internet using DDoS attacks. Over time, attacks have become more sophisticated.

INHABIT The war in Ukraine

It wasn’t until Saturday, March 12 that hackers released stolen data from two Russian websites. They started jamming Russian radio communications on the 4625 kHz frequency. They have launched websites from which people can send emails, text messages and WhatsApp messages containing information about the war to ordinary Russians.

Earlier, hackers broke in and stole 360,000 files from Rozkomnadzor, a government agency responsible for Russian internet censorship. One of the most effective achievements of hackers is the takeover of some Russian television channels and the replacement of broadcasts with Ukrainian news and material from the Russian war in Ukraine.

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