Halloween Candy – Treats for Halloween:

Are you going to stock up on the goody-classic strawberry fish, crocodiles or sour shells for Halloween?

Then you may be disappointed.

Halloween Candy Callback

According to Tønsbergs Blad There are problems with the subcontractor Unil at Norgesgruppen – affecting the delivery of certain small items.

Already sold out

Norgesgruppen has the Kiwi, Meny, Spar and Joker grocery concepts, which total approximately 1,800 grocery stores in 88 percent of the country’s municipalities.

In addition, they have about 900 kiosks such as Deli de Luca, MIX and Jafs.

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In the Kiwi shop in Hjemseng in the municipality of Færder, the small shelves have already been sorted out – and the store manager has bad news:

– We are not getting those for the time being, says store manager Richard Eriksen to the newspaper.

Warns of harmful Halloween makeup

Warns of harmful Halloween makeup

According to Eriksen, two of the varieties will be sold out for a long time and the sour shells will not be available again in the supermarket until mid-February.

Transport Challenges

Kine Søyland, head of communications at Norgesgruppen, can confirm that there have been problems with the delivery of certain types of goodies lately.

She says the problems are mainly due to challenges with transport in Europe, and that the delays are again resulting in not enough goods being left as a “buffer” in the warehouse.

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– There are general delays in the transport of goods in the wake of the pandemic. Because some of these products are imported, they are affected by the challenges we see in Europe and around the world, she tells Dagbladet.

Søyland emphasizes that there are not many products to which this applies, even if it does not have an accurate overview of which products are affected by the delivery problem.

– We have to live with the fact that it can be sold out for some products. Goods are on their way and we are actively working to resolve this as soon as possible, but I can’t say how long it will take, she says.

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That will vary from store to store and from product to product, she explains – and she hopes that the transport situation will improve.

– We’re good at logistics, so goods come in – but maybe not as fast as we’d like. We work systematically on the distribution of what comes in, so that we prevent it from being sold out as much as possible.

Aware of delivery challenges

Dagbladet reached out to Kiwi’s communications manager, Kristine Aakvaag Arvin, to ask how the delivery issue has affected Kiwi’s stores.

Warns of dangerous Halloween costumes

Warns of dangerous Halloween costumes

– We do not have an overview of how many stores have of the different small goods variants. We have a large selection to choose from, although some varieties may be temporarily out of stock. We charge as soon as we have received goods, she writes to Dagbladet.

Acting press contact in Spar, Roy Hval, cannot say anything about the small goods situation at the chain.

– Central we have no inventory per. shop, so it becomes difficult to answer. Until he almost has to say something about the delivery situation himself, Hval tells Dagbladet.

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According to Nina Horn Hynne, who is responsible for communications at Meny, the chain’s small goods manager is not aware of a widespread shortage of small goods, apart from the fact that Unil has reported on supply problems for watermelon, salty squid and sour shells. .

– We are not sold out, she writes in a text message to Dagbladet.

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