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Oct 26 2021

This Saturday, the traditional Halloween party, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Night, Night of the Dead, Halloween, Halloween and All Souls’ Eve, will be celebrated in Salto as it is across the country.

In dialogue with him Cecoed coordinator, Josué Lima informed us that it was decided not to change the capacity of the dance clubs that day and that working lines were defined with different institutions that are part of the Emergency Coordination Center. It was decided by Garibaldi for the (triangle) road to San Antonio, on behalf of dance organization Marcos Pigurina, to take out the guarantees in the care, within the party and the security of years that guarantee its organization, in terms of the closure. intended to prevent the passage of vehicles in the Polo area and in the Ayui area. The organization of the dance service deploys two private emergency ambulances for calamities related to, for example, alcohol consumption or other calamities. The capacity is 4 thousand people and the end time of the dance is 6 hours. They will work that night, specifically on Saturday, Prefecture, Inau on the inspection of minors, within the Polo, even inspectors come from Montevideo for this inspection, Ministry of Interior, Cecoed. The aim of the cuts in Ayui area is not to allow crowds in the square, as happened in other years, with riots and others. The Republicana and transit posts are located in the area of ​​Saturnino Ribes and Garibaldi, fixed and mobile. Cecoed will work at night and monitor clandestine parties, some of which have already been identified at this point.

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